Creatives Off the Clock: Practice creativity through impromptu making
Creatives of the Clock image

The focus is on play; productivity has no place here — the RGD's latest program Creatives Off The Clock, hosted by Andrea Martens RGD, will be an online gathering that will connect you to new people, help beat burnout and make space in your life for spontaneous creativity. 

The first session of the event takes place on Tuesday, May 16 from 8 to 9 pm ET
What to expect?
- The participants meet online via Zoom. Each session will be about an hour long*. 
- A prompt will be given to participants to create something using material they have available at home. You will have 30 minutes to ideate and create. It could be anything! We will encourage everyone to let your creativity run wild. 
- The last 15 minutes will be spent sharing what you created and the thought process behind it (Optional).  
*The participants have the option to join the meeting 10 minutes before the scheduled start time to introduce themselves and chat with fellow participants.
The event is open to all RGD Professional Members (Certified RGDs, Provisional RGDs, Affiliates & Jr. Affiliates).  
Suggestion for materials to have handy at home: 
- Pencil, Pencil Crayon, marker, watercolour paint etc.
- Collage and/or found objects such as stuff on your desk or from the junk drawer
- Unusual objects to create (e.g. a fork or paper towel)
The event will take place once a month and will be announced via the RGD's communications channels.