Why You Should Enter the RGD's 2023 Branding Awards
RGD Branding Awards image

Entering your work into awards programs may seem daunting. However, we encourage you to let go of your hesitation and submit your work for the 2023 Branding Awards. Below are some reasons to do so.


Morale Boost
What is the worst that might happen? You don't win? You certainly can't win if you don't enter. And by entering, you can overcome fear of rejection and create the possibility for you to win — which is in itself an achievement. The process of entering your work will also allow you to reconsider your work, perhaps look at it from a different perspective, identify your strengths and weaknesses and grow as a designer. You can also use the content you create to update your website with new case studies, or use it in email promotion to existing and prospective clients or even use the case studies as part of an RGD Certification Application and get free entry into the Branding Awards!
Winning the RGD's Branding Awards provides a range of promotional opportunities for you, your business and your clients. Approx. 50 winning projects will be featured across the RGD's communication channels reaching over 50,000, published in a printed Awards Annual distributed to over 2,500 and presented in an exhibit as part of Canada's largest graphic design conference DesignThinkers taking place in Toronto on Nov 2-3. All winners get 20% off DesignThinkers Toronto registration. 
Good for Business
It's one thing to do great work and another to win an award and earn bragging rights. The bragging rights come with their own set of benefits — they help build credibility, increase your value in the market and help expand your clientele. Whether you're an agency, a boutique studio, an independent designer, in-house team or a student — the glory is up for grabs! Winners will also receive social media graphics to share on their own channels and have the opportunity to purchase a physical award and attend an Awards ceremony held in conjunction with DesignThinkers.
Be judged by the Best
Our jury comes with kudos. You can submit any number of projects launched between June, 2018 to June, 2023, created anywhere in the world and be evaluated by leading creative professionals from Canada, the US, the UK and the Netherlands. View the list of our judges here.    
And more 
In addition to all of these benefits, entering an RGD Awards program may lead to other promotional opportunities. The RGD considers winners and their work when opportunities arise such as feature articles in the RGD newsletter and on the website, opportunities to present webinars and speak at events (including DesignThinkers), judge this and our other Awards (including the 2024 In-House Design Awards, annual Ultrabold and annual Student Awards. We also consider award-winners for RGD design opportunities such as DesignThinkers Design Partner, designing our annual Certification Sticker and more. So, what are you waiting for? 

Enter your work by June 16


If you have any questions, email .