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From UX to design systems to signage and wayfinding, the RGD shares 5 videos on accessibility from our archive. 

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Designing for Accessibility

By Veda Rosier, Principal Product Manager at Adobe

DesignThinkers 2022 in Vancouver

Design systems have evolved into strategic tools that enable accessibility and inclusion at scale. In this presentation, Veda explores the value of a well-crafted design system can bring to your design methodology. (Rent here)

In-House Perspectives: Making the Shift to Accessible Design Practices

By Michael J Young RGD, Design Lead at the Ontario Cabinet Office, Natalya Chilina, Digital Accessibility Specialist/Advisor at Tangerine & Sabrina Young RGD, Senior Interactive Graphic Designer, Canada Life

RGD Webinar (2022)

As legislation comes into effect and more companies are seeing the value of making their communications accessible to all, designers are having to navigate what that means for their in-house team and their processes. Through these presentations, we look at how design teams are making the necessary changes for digital accessibility. (Rent here)

Accessibility in Design: Accessibility in Signage & Wayfinding

By Toban Allison, Manager, Wayfinding at Metrolinx, and Aurelia Fleury, Director at Tactile Studio

RGD Webinar (2021)


There are a number of different aids that can be used within signage and wayfinding systems to help those who have visual, hearing or mobility impairments. In this set of presentations, Toban and Aurelia show practical examples on how good design is also accessible design. (Rent here)


UX Design Series: Accessibility in UX

Presented by Wendy Tabor RGD, Visual Communications Designer, Gerry Lewis Inc., and Matt Rae, Senior Product Manager, Adobe

RGD Webinar (2021)

Wendy discusses what accessible design entails for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and shares resources to increase the hearing world’s knowledge about this engaging culture. Matt demonstrates how to leverage voice and sound to prototype and test touch free experiences. (Rent here)


Engaging in Disability as a Creative Practice

By Liz Jackson

DesignThinkers 2019 in Vancouver

Liz discusses the impact of engaging in disability, not as a problem to be solved, but rather as a discipline and a creative practice, teaching how to design WITH, rather than for, disability. (Rent here)