Practise Creativity through Impromptu Making with our Creatives off the Clock Program

Whether you have a structured artistic practice or your inspiration has run a bit dry, our new Creatives off the Clock program offers a casual approach, community and low-time commitment.


"Creatives off the Clock is time carved out with the intention of making whatever you want, just for yourself. I hope attendees can reconnect with the sense of play that comes with using your imagination in a judgment-free zone," says Andrea Martens RGD who hosts the online program. 


In the first session, attendees put on some music while everyone made something completely different based on one or more of the prompts provided, experimenting with a variety of art tools. The prompts provided for the first session included pets in clothes, plants as people, furniture made of kitchen tools, your favourite dessert, treehouse. 


"It was great to virtually connect with other Members at the event. While I enjoyed letting things flow from a prompt, the highlight for me was seeing everyone else's creative outputs at the end. There can be so many different interpretations of a few simple topics; it was really interesting," offered Angela Brown Carter RGD, one for the participants for the first session. 


The next Creatives off the Clock meeting takes place on Tuesday, July 11 at 8 pm ET.


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(This event is free and open to all RGD Members)


Below we share some drawings created in the first session:

By Kathleen Scott RGD


By Angela Brown Carter RGD