RGD In-House Perspectives Webinar

Presented by Lisa Parkyn RGD and Simon Clancy.


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Encouraging excitement with in-house branding

Presented by Lisa Parkyn RGD

Creating excitement within an in-house brand requires a strategic approach that combines creativity, innovation and effective communication. By leveraging the unique advantages of an in-house brand, companies can cultivate a sense of enthusiasm and engagement among employees, customers and stakeholders. This can be achieved through various means such as implementing captivating design elements, fostering a culture of brand ownership and pride and developing compelling marketing campaigns that showcase the brand's values and offerings. By harnessing the power of in-house branding, companies can generate excitement and create a strong connection between their brand and their target audience, resulting in increased loyalty, brand advocacy, and ultimately, business success. 


Brand Design Systems at Canadian Tire

Presented by Simon Clancy

In this fifteen minute presentation, you will see parts of Canadian Tire’s Brand Design System. You will also discover the operational and cultural change required to implement a design system effectively across a very large and complex organization. In particular, we will share why the in-house design and production perspective is so important in the development of a visually consistent customer ecosystem.


- Why a brand design system could help your in-house design team
- How to structure and distribute a design system
- How a design system can help create operational and cultural change
- How you can create a design system using In-house teams and out-of-house partnerships



About Lisa Parkyn RGD

With 20+ experience, Lisa is a skilled Strategic Marketing & Design professional with a strong background in creative work, print media, brand identity development and campaign strategy. She has a proven track record of successfully seeing projects through from initial concept to final completion, consistently meeting deadlines and budget requirements. Lisa's expertise extends to managing client and vendor relationships, overseeing production and post-production processes, and handling various aspects such as project management, scheduling, design, estimating, budgeting and resource allocation across diverse industries and client bases. With a solid foundation in Graphic Design, Lisa has worked in the corporate in-house environment and loves championing brand guidelines with precision.


About Simon Clancy

Simon Clancy is an international strategic creative and design leader with twenty-one years of experience — creating services and stories for some of the world’s largest brands. His work integrates brand systems, experience design, innovation, strategy and storytelling across content and advertising. He is currently AVP, Creative Director at T3, Canadian Tire’s in-house design and content team. The T3 team works across a family of banners including Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Mark’s, Triangle and all of Canadian Tire’s owned brands. Their objective is to be a design led strategic partner helping the entire organization to deliver consistent, inspiring integrated customer experiences and content. Simon has worked in Australia, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. He has produced award-winning work for brands such as Nike and Google. He now lives in Canada and is proud to lead design and content for an iconic Canadian brand.


About Kathleen Scott RGD – Moderator

Kathleen is an award-winning designer with 15 years experience. For the past decade, she has been Creative Strategy Team Lead at Bruce Power where they deliver all things design, including a complete rebrand for the company in 2019.

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