Context Award for Story-telling Winner: Kendra Legault Provisional RGD

Winning Project: Re-Orient by Kendra Legault Provisional RGD, George Brown College, Toronto, ON


Award sponsored by Context Award



Re-Orient is a series of booklets aiming to educate designers about Chop Suey fonts' impact on the East-Asian diaspora and cultural representation. It prompts designers to reflect on biases and the influence of design choices. The booklets employ stereotypical visual elements inspired by Chinese restaurant menus and medicine packaging, facilitating immediate recognition. As readers engage with the content, they're led to question their initial biases, fostering awareness and critical thinking among designers.


Educator Support: Kristine Do



Honourable Mentions:




  • Christine Caruso, Senior Associate, Strategy & Content at Context Creative, Toronto, ON

  • Monique Gamache, Design Director at Matter, Calgary, AB

  • Matthew Johnson, Creative Director at Monday Creative, Vancouver, BC
  • Raphael Maturine Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer & Creative Strategiest at ruckus digital, Pickering, ON
  • Deb von Sychowski, Creative Director / Co-Founder at Patch Design, Newmarket, ON
  • Carlos Weisz, Lead Motion Designer & Video Editor at Filter Agency, Toronto, ON