Forge Media Award for UX Design Winners (Tie): Rita Zhan, Jersey Stuart, Shriya Mujumdar, Nina Le & Natalie Zuk Student RGD
Winning Projects (Tie):
  • here:after by Rita Zhan, Jersey Stuart, Shriya Mujumdar, Nina Le, York University, Toronto, ON
  • THRIVE by Natalie Zuk Student RGD, Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON


Award Sponsored by Forge Media




here:after is a journaling app that aids users in documenting their emotions and experiences efficiently, especially for those with limited time for self-reflection. It emphasizes revisiting past entries and encourages afterthought documentation. The design presents an uplifting, friendly and simple tone, reflected in its minimalistic colour, typography, iconography and layout. 


Educator Support: Dan Silveira





Thrive is an inclusive and AODA compliant app, offering plant care support through tracking, personalized schedules, informative content and buying/selling options. The design seeks to boost user engagement and retention by employing design psychology and dark UX patterns, while prioritizing functionality and branding. With focus in UX, the design incorporates colour psychology with simple design and intuitive navigation for diverse set of users.  



Honourable Mentions:




  • Nick Caswell, Senior UX Designer at Forge Media, Toronto, ON 
  • Magued Hanna RGD, UX & Design Consultant at Magued Hanna & Associates, Toronto, ON
  • Genevieve Metropolis RGD, User Experience Manager at Shopify Toronto, ON
  • Daniel Szilagyi RGD, Freelance UX/UI Designer, Vancouver, BC
  • Rhiannon Wyatt, Senior UX/UI Designer at Believeco, Halifax, NS