Intent Award for Accessible Design Winners: Khadija Bari, Kenny Khuu Student RGD, Joey Wong Student RGD

Winning Project: Refill: Custom Automations for Your Personal Healthcare Experience by Khadija Bari, Kenny Khuu Student RGD and Joey Wong Student RGD, York University, Toronto, ON


Award sponsored by Intent


Refill: Custom Automations for Your Personal Healthcare Experience

Refill is a user-friendly app tailored for individuals needing to manage medications regularly, with a particular focus on accommodating a diverse demographic through accessible and intuitive design. The app simplifies the challenges of prescription medication tracking and care management by incorporating automation features, including alerts to healthcare providers, integration with fitness devices and customizations for individual needs. The design prioritizes UX and accessibility, making it easy for all users.

Educator Support: Borzu Talaie


Honourable Mentions:




  • Diana Campbell RGD, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy and Governance at Alberta Blue Cross, Edmonton, AB
  • Ben Hagon RGD, President of Intent, Toronto, ON/Halifax, NS
  • Josh Skinner RGD, Senior Product Designer at Loop, Toronto, ON