Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising Design Winners (Tie): Vienne Seto Student RGD, Justin Pinheiro Student RGD & Ingrid Wong
Winning Projects (Tie):
  • Baseline by Vienne Seto and Justin Pinheiro Student RGD, Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON
  • At the heart of your neighbourhood by Ingrid Wong, York University, Toronto, ON


Award Sponsored by Zulu Alpha Kilo



Inspired by the words like growth, expansion and non-linearity, selected by students to represent their class, the advertising promotes Conestoga College's 2023 design graduation showcase. The math references and topographic maps symbolize peaks and exponential growth, while the dynamic collages convey success and creativity. Print and digital ads were produced to maximize outreach and generate interest in the event.


Educator Support: Josh Peressotti




At the heart of your neighbourhood
The Toronto Public Library offers free space and a plethora of complimentary resources, which resident of the city are unaware of due to lack of advertising and overload of information on their website. 'At the heart of your neighbourhood' is an advertising campaign seeking to enhance the library's outreach by organizing all their offerings and increasing their visibility by producing and distributing printed and digital assets. 

Educator Support: Zab Hobart



Honourable Mentions:




  • Carmen Fasan Provisional RGD,Graphic Designer at Conestoga Students Inc, Kitchener, ON
  • Stephanie Kochorek, Co-Founder / Creative Director at Daughter, Calgary, AB
  • Nancy Mullin, Affiliate Member, Senior Manager, Graphic Design at BDO, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC
  • Jasper Murphy RGD, Senior Designer / Creative Lead at Traction Complete, Vancouver, BC
  • John Naboye Provisional RGD, Graphic Designer at DDB Canada, Edmonton, AB
  • Amanda Phillips RGD, Creative Director at Generator in Thunder Bay