Ethics Committee


  • Review and revise RGD’s Rules of Professional Conduct as needed.
  • Codify Rules of Professional Conduct to ensure they are clear and explicit on specific situations that are common in the industry.
  • Advise on ethical issues that may arise from both design professionals, educators, managers and/or buyers of design.
  • Assist with spec work advocacy by identifying and reacting to instances where the Rules are compromised, particularly in the area of spec work.
  • Review and assist to write questions for the Rules of Professional Conduct section of the Registered Graphic Designers Qualification Examination.
  • Develop presentation/resources to assist applicants to prepare and successfully complete the Rules section on the Exam.



  • Interest in and understanding of RGD’s Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Interest in and understanding of the ethical issues being faced in the industry, including with educational institutions, with clients, within in-house departments and within design firms.
  • Time to contribute to the work of the committee via email feedback, teleconference discussions and independent and group work.
  • Must be a Member of RGD


Get Involved:

  • Those interested in joining the Committee should fill out the online form: Get Involved with RGD.
  • Click here for a list of initiatives and other ways to get involved with the Committee's activities