Ethics Committee Initiatives
  • RGD advocates best practices for both graphic designers and their clients. Our primary focus is on fighting spec work and crowdsourcing of design; promoting accessible design best practices; and providing best practices in the areas of salaries and billing practices, pro bono work and internships.


    If you have questions about RGD's advocacy efforts or would like the Association's assistance responding to a request for spec, please email Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at 


  • Registered Graphic Designers (RGDs) are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards when working for clients, as employees, and in service to the general public. RGD has created clear Rules that are each supported by a set of Policies, Best Practices, Situational Examples, and RGD References. All RGD members are required to abide by the Rules and Policies set out here. RGD’s By-laws outline the procedures for members, clients, employers, employees, students, and the general public to address a situation where it is felt that a member has not lived up to their ethical obligations as outlined in these Rules.
  • RGD's Members are required to abide by the Association's Rules of Professional Conduct. If a client, colleague or member of the general public feels that an RGD has conducted him or herself in a manner inconsistent with the Rules, RGD's By-Laws outline procedures for responding and reacting to these concerns.


    If you have questions about RGD's grievance procedures or are concerned about an RGD Member's ethical conduct, email Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at