Provisional Committee Initiatives
  • Provisional RGD Design Socials provide an opportunity for emerging designers to connect with RGD guests to discuss industry trends, learn about career paths and discuss tips and advice about working as a professional designer. 


    How to get involved:

    • Attend an event
    • Submit questions on Twitter using the hashtags #RGD and #RGDProv


  • The Study Group helps candidates prepare for the RGD Examination (which includes a 75-minute online test and a 30-minute portfolio interview) required to pass in order to achieve the RGD designation. Meetings take place weekly and are scheduled based on participants' availability. Participation can take place virtually or in person at the RGD Office in downtown Toronto.


    The Study Group shares resources, reviews notes and provides support through discussion, practice quizzes and peer-to-peer practice portfolio interviews.


    How to get involved: 

    • Email  to take part in the next RGD Exam Study Group



  • The Provisional RGD Social Network on Facebook aids the communication and networking of the Provisional RGD community by sharing updates and events, answering questions and providing opportunities to connect.

    How to get involved:
    • Click here to join the Provisional RGD Social Network Facebook group
  • The Welcome Wagons provide new Provisional RGDs the opportunity to virtually meet online with a Provisional RGD from the Committee who can answer any questions and also provides a chance to explain the benefits/details of provisional membership. We have also used the Welcome Wagons to ask questions of our own. Asking new Provisional RGDs their opinion on specific topics and ideas has helped us improve and build on existing and new initiatives.
  • Ask an RGD provides an opportunity for emerging designers to pose 'hard to ask' questions and receive advice from RGD professionals. These videos are created in hopes of reaching a wider audience of designers who might be struggling with the same questions and challenges. 


    How to get involved:

    • Submit a question: email  or tweet using the hashtag #AskAnRGD.
    • If you an RGD interested in answering a question, you can also email