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RGD Certification – Complete by Dec 15 to receive free RGD dues for 2024.

  • DesignThinkers is Canada's largest annual graphic design conference. DesignThinkers 2023 will take place in Vancouver from May 30 to 31 and in Toronto from November 2 to 3.

  • Get to know our Awards Programs: ULTRABOLD, SoGood and In-House Awards. The next RGD Awards Program to accept entries will be a new Branding Awards set to launch in early 2023.
  • All Professional Members are invited to join RGD's Slack Workspace to connect, ask questions and generate discussions with fellow Members. Find out about joining RGD here.
  • Virtual Communities is written in a red speech bubble, with other shaded, grey speech bubbles around it
    Virtual Communities bring RGD Members together for regular, open conversation to share knowledge, discuss challenges, propose solutions and support each other.
  • RGD Handbook
    The Business of Graphic Design: A Professional's Handbook is the first and only comprehensive Canadian guide to maintaining a graphic design business. Look for the 3rd edition in early 2015.
  • More than 4.4 million Canadians live with a disability. RGD is helping lead the way to a more accessible province through support of and education on accessibility in visual communications.
  • The interactive tool labeled Free, Fee or Flee? helps designers understand and address the various scenarios when they are asked to do work for free.
  • RGD produces a bi-annual survey and summary of Salaries & Billing Practices in the Canadian Creative Industry. Check out the new Creative Earners Report now available!
  • RGD Student Awards Logo
  • Become an RGD Member
    RGD depends on strength in numbers to speak effectively on behalf of the profession. Lend your support by joining our ranks.
  • Get to know our path to Professional Certification and Affiliations.

Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)
PO Box 70604, Junction Gardens PO
Toronto ON M6P 4E7 Canada


  • Executive Director
    Hilary Ashworth,
  • COO & Director of Membership
    Heidi Veri,
  • Director of Communications & Development
    Michelle Pereira Hampton,
  • Creative Director
    Karin Heinsch RGD,
  • Membership Manager
    Zaria Pucknell,
  • Communications Manager
    Rushika Shah,
  • Programs Manager
    Abdul Omar,
  • Community Engagement & PR Manager
    Rebecca Dudgeon,