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  • The Type Directors Club has launched Typegeist, a new editorial platform that illuminates various aspects of the current moment in international type design and typography through original essays by curious designers, historians, academics, experts,...

  • A stylish/contemporary series of posters has just been released by Halifax designer Mike Hanlon. The Type Gallery is a personal project of Mike’s featuring twelve screen printed posters celebrating the art of typography.

  • Top image: Kevin King conducting the two-day Roman Capitals Calligraphy Workshop at the Halifax Central Public Library.

    Toronto-based type designer and calligrapher Kevin King hosted a lecture and hands-on calligraphy workshop for 150+ attendees...

  • Portfolio Review

    Design Educator & Affiliate Member Diane Mikhael shares a list of publications that inspire unique design ideas and reflect on the evolution of design.


  • Portfolio Review
    Check out a list of books recommended by RGD members for exploring different forms of type, understanding typefaces and following typographic best practices to achieve effective visual communication of the written word.  
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