Past Winners in the Non-Profit Category

Any communications-based projects where a not-for-profit and/or charity is the client. Some examples might be a print-based membership drive for a museum or Association; a non-profit organization’s new brand identity; a website to support an organization’s fundraising.



  • Intended to increase cycling at post-secondary institutions, UCycle partners with universities, colleges, municipal stakeholders and local businesses to provide discounts to students who arrive on campus by bicycle.
  • Teresa Group is Canada's oldest community-based charitable organization, specifically serving children affected by HIV and AIDS and their families.
  • The Paediatric Orthopedic department of SickKids Hospital needed to establish a forward-facing communications strategy that would emphasize collaborative, practice-based education through social networking and print and digital publications.
  • The yearbook illustrates NFFTT's three pillars: promoting a positive environmental impact, bringing communities together and highlighting the healthy benefits of fresh food.
  • FIFA has an overall negative impact on local communities, with families having no access to the expensive stadiums and often being beaten out of their houses by riot squads.
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