Past Winners in the Non-Profit Category

Any communications-based projects where a not-for-profit and/or charity is the client. Some examples might be a print-based membership drive for a museum or Association; a non-profit organization’s new brand identity; a website to support an organization’s fundraising.



  • The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is an independent, national, non-governmental organization that works in the courts, before legislative committees, in classrooms and in the streets to fight for human rights and democratic freedoms of...
  • The Paediatric Orthopedic department of SickKids Hospital needed to establish a forward-facing communications strategy that would emphasize collaborative, practice-based education through social networking and print and digital publications.
  • The yearbook illustrates NFFTT's three pillars: promoting a positive environmental impact, bringing communities together and highlighting the healthy benefits of fresh food.
  • FIFA has an overall negative impact on local communities, with families having no access to the expensive stadiums and often being beaten out of their houses by riot squads.
  • Jane’s Walk is a global movement of neighbour-led walking tours inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs. Bus shelter ads, subway ads and postcards were created to promote the Toronto edition of this global festival for 2014.These  pieces capture the communi...