Past Winners in the Designer-Driven Category

Work where no client is involved but that where designers identify causes they would like to raise awareness for or where they identify solutions to societal challenges. This might include a poster design to raise awareness; a website for a petition to demonstrate support of an issue; a communications-based solution to change behaviour.



  • 2012 RGD SoGood Awards
    Despite our many inspiring and passionate elementary school teachers, the pressure to deliver curriculum leaves little room for exploration, genuine inquiry and creativity in the classroom. This project sought to help teachers address the issue by fa...
  • 2012 RGD SoGood Winners
    'Concepts for All' assists non-profit organizations at work in the developing world by providing powerful, wordless visual metaphors through which messages and meanings can be easily understood.
  • This project raises awareness of fair trade rice in Asia where rice farmers are victims of an unfair trading system that does not reward the reaping and commercialization of rice.
  • 2012 RGD SoGood Winner
    The world is rapidly changing and schools need to be more relevant to today. Old ways of thinking should be disregarded in order to create environments where student talents can flourish. This research and design project investigates how design can i...
  • This mobile app addresses a problem many vegans face when travelling: How do you explain your choice to wait staff when you can’t speak their language? How can you be certain that by saying “No meat, please” you will avoid meat broth or seasonings? T...
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