• Hilary Ashworth

    Executive Director

    Hilary Ashworth







     | 1.888.274.3668 x 23


    As the senior staff person appointed by RGD’s Board of Directors, Hilary oversees the operation, administration and management of the Association.  


    Hilary establishes and manages all sources of funding for the organization including RGD’s extensive sponsorship program. She directs the Association’s overall strategy, direction, policies and programming with the guidance of the Board and working committees in the areas of communications, ethics, education and more.


    Hilary spearheads RGD’s advocacy role, actively striving to improve standards and increase professionalism in the industry. Questions and concerns related to strategic direction and governance of the Association should be directed to Hilary.


  •  | 1.888.274.3668 x 27


    Heidi oversees the Association's membership, operations and financial management.


    Heidi is RGD’s primary contact for obtaining RGD Certification. She manages all aspects of the RGD's Certification process from the eligibility and application process to the portfolio presentation and providing results.


    Heidi manages all RGD financial reporting and banking to ensure the Association remains in a healthy economic position and is using all of its resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.


    She works closely with the Executive Director, RGD Board and the Membership Committee to develop and implement member growth strategies and policies for the administration of the organization. Questions related to membership and operations should be directed to Heidi.




  • Karin Heinsch RGD

    Creative Director

    Karin Heinsch RGD

     | 1.888.274.3668 x 25


    A Registered Graphic Designer herself, Karin oversees the brand image of the Association and provides graphic design services in support of our operations and activities. She is responsible for the creative direction of RGD marketing, promotion, publications and communications.


    Karin is also responsible for the design and management of RGD’s online presence including the RGD website,, and Karin manages the pro bono participation of external designers on major initiatives such as DesignThinkers, CreativeEarners, the Social Good Design Awards and The Business of Graphic Design. Members seeking RGD identifier logos and sponsors submitting ads should contact Karin.

  •  | 1.888.274.3668 x 26


    Abdul manages RGD events, awards and other programs including Canada's largest annual graphic design conference, DesignThinkers and RGD’s annual Creative Directions Conference.


    Abdul coordinates RGD programs such as our annual Student Awards, In-House Design Awards, Future by Design discussion series and Weekly Webinar Program. Questions regarding RGD programs should be directed to Abdul.


  • Zaria Pucknell

    Membership Coordinator

    Zaria Pucknell


     | 1.888.274.3668 x 22
    Zaria is RGD’s primary contact for Student RGD, Provisional RGD & Affiliate Membership questions. If you are unsure of what category you are eligible for, Zaria is the person to contact.
    If you are already a member, Zaria helps with dues payments, as well as questions about member benefits, member listings, ‘members only’ online access, job postings, Goodlife Fitness membership and more. Zaria also coordinates RGD’s Student Volunteer Program, which supplies volunteers for the DesignThinkers Conference and other events.
  •  | 1.888.274.3668 x  28


    Kim is the voice behind the Association— communicating RGD’s programs and services to the membership and beyond.


    Kim also coordinates RGD publications such as CreativeEarners, So(cial) Good Design Awards and The Business of Graphic Design, RGD’s handbook on business best practices. Members and related organizations are invited to contact Kim to share news and events to reach our audience.




  • Michelle Pereira

    Director of Communications & Development

    Michelle Pereira Hampton



    Currently on parental leave. Please contact if you have questions about sponsorship.


    Michelle facilitates the development, coordination and implementation of marketing and communications strategies for the Association and its membership, and for programs such as DesignThinkers and CreativeEarners.


    By managing RGD’s social media presence, industry relations and strategic partnerships, Michelle works to amplify the Association's reach and its value to the community. She facilitates sponsor involvement in RGD events and initiatives. Michelle coordinates the Association's media relations and works to promote RGD across Canada and abroad. Questions from sponsors or the media and enquiries related to RGD communications and marketing should be directed to Michelle.

  • Amanda Khoo

    Education Coordinator

    Amanda Khoo RGD



     | 1.888.274.3668 x  24


    Amanda is main contact for all RGDs education programming including Student membership & volunteer management & coordination of the RGDs webinar program.


    Amanda also coordinates the Student Awards program, the new Designathon initiative and various education-related events for the Student RGD, Prov RGD & Education Committees. Members and educational institutions are invited to contact Amanada to share news and events to reach our audience.