Carl Messenger-Lehmann RGD
Hyperweb Communications
Member since
July 1, 1998
2272 Mowat Ave
Unit 6
L6H 5L8
(416) 503-2272
Other Capabilities
Web Design
Languages Covered
English, French
Company description

Why Hyperweb

Deep Experience | Great Customer Service | Competitively Priced

Most internet companies are focused only on the technology. At Hyperweb we believe that to be truly effective, we need to understand our clients’ goals, and then provide the solutions that best meet those goals. Whether we design you an internet marketing campaign or a simple brochure, we want it to attract, convert, close and delight.

Why am I an RGD?
I am an RGD because I believe design matters. Having a professional body that advocates on behalf of Designers, organizes incredible events, and tackles the big issues that challenge designers in this dynamic, ever evolving industry is critical to a healthy, vibrant and well educated industry.
Why am I a designer?
Some designers prefer form over function - looks over usefulness. But I believe when it comes to online communication the "function" is as important - if not more so. I believe that the user interface should never interfere with the effective communication of the intended message. Our knowledge of how to leverage design, spacing, effective calls to action, and information flow is what make our websites stand out from our competition.
Why should you hire me?
Because I pick up the phone.

The new technology that exists now is a two-edged sword. One the one hand it offers amazing ways to get to your customers. On the other had some website designers force you to fill out online forms, and they make themselves unavailable to just talk. We use all the last high-tech programs and software in conjunction with old-fashioned customer service. I believe that part of the business will never change even if it's becoming harder to find.