Cassandra Wesenhagen RGD
Member since
July 9, 2018
Areas of Specialty
Book Design, Branding, Corporate Communications
Other Capabilities
Digital Marketing, Illustration, Packaging, Photography, Typography
Languages Covered
Why am I an RGD?
I grew up around stock photo catalogues and Pantone chips: my dad is an RGD. As a kid I knew my goal was to become a graphic designer and a certified RGD. I'm proud to be a part of our industry, and the RGD is a big part of that here in Canada — as an important resource, connector and champion of what we do.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Taking part in a portfolio review night — as a reviewer, rather than a reviewee, for the first time. It was equal parts daunting and rewarding. I had a great time connecting with students, recent grads and professionals to chat about what's going on in design and design education right now.