Full cover for step-by-step cake decorating book. (Client: Robert Rose Inc.)
Daniella Zanchetta RGD
Member since
March 24, 2005
Company description
PageWave Graphics is one of Toronto's leading book design studios. For more than twenty years, our uniquely creative team has provided customized solutions for every type of book project ranging from beautifully illustrated volumes to self-published ebooks.
Why am I an RGD?
I think it's important to have an organization that can advocate on behalf of designers and which provides a sense of community.
Why am I a designer?
Design is the place where practicality meets beauty.
The crossroads of efficient function and pleasing form is always at the heart of successful design, and the pursuit of that sweet spot is what drew me to this profession. I take great satisfaction in solving a practical problem, and doing so with flair is what design is all about.
As a book designer I strive to create something that people find useful as well as beautiful and, in my opinion, that's a pretty great job to have.