Design of the logo, branding and collateral material for Silent Poetry Photography
Hida Behzadi RGD
Identifies as:
Member since
February 1, 2006
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Information Design
Other Capabilities
Book Design, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, Illustration, Packaging, Signage/Wayfinding, Web Design
Languages Covered
English, Farsi
Interested in Freelance
Availability for freelance work
Might be able in summer months, interested in projects that are cultural, and related to environmental and social justice
Company description
Established in 2010, Creative Cocoa was my solo design boutique located in London, Ontario. Acting as both the creative director and designer, being a business owner gave me an extensive opportunity to learn everything from A to Z, working in the design world and facing clients. I have helped my clients with a wide range of visual communication services for both print and web. My client list includes individuals, start-ups, government and large corporations, non profit, and for profit organizations.

In 2016 I have joined London Life's in-house digital services and User Experience team as a UX design strategist and researcher. This has provided me with invaluable exposure to both UX and Insurance/Investment industry.

In March 2019 I have joined Odell Keller, a leader in digital experience, design strategy and digital innovation. Our consulting agency provides specialized services for the insurance and financial sectors. We are located in Southwestern Ontario. Please feel free to send me a note if you would like to know more about our services.

All along, I have maintained a teaching side to my career. I have been teaching both fine art - since 2008, at TAP centre for creativity and Museum London - and Design - since 2012 at University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe college.
Why am I a designer?
Being a designer has been a natural path to me.

From early on in my life I showed great promise as a fine artist, as I could see well and depict well. I have always paid attention to detail, appreciated finesse and beauty, in both form and function. In addition, I posses a strong aptitude to organize and categorize information and make that information accessible to a viewer. The mix of these innate skills and abilities seem to be a natural fit to be a graphic designer.

Design in essence is a problem solving skill and I take pride to be a problem solver. I assist my clients in creating usable design products that help the end users.

Art, design, and environment are what I am passionate about and I wish to share my passion with my clients and the design community.
Contributions to RGD in 2018
- DesignThinkers Master at DesignThinkers 2018 TO