For Christmas we wanted to send something special to clients, friends and family. My wife baked her mother’s no fail whipped shortbread. And I designed, letterpresses and die-cut the box. We've been told since that some people have kept the box, it's empty of course.
Joe Borges RGD
Pomegranate Letterpress + Design
Creative Juice
Member since
March 24, 2005
559 Stonecliffe Road
L6L 4N8
416 884 7119
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Corporate Communications, Typography
Other Capabilities
Digital Marketing, Information Design
Languages Covered
Company description
Pomegranate Letterpress + Design is a boutique print and design studio based in Oakville. We offer quality hand-made paper goods with a casual twist on the classic art of letterpress printing – mixed with our unique brand of design. We believe with our skills and passion, we can give your wedding, corporate event or special occasion the best first impression. And we strive to do all of this with sustainable design and printing practices. Every decision we make has to balance economic needs with the needs of the environment, as well as being socially responsible.
Why am I an RGD?
I believe that RGD is an important organization for the future of the design profession in Ontario and in Canada. The process of becoming an RGD was a great reminder of design knowledge. And just being a part of a larger organization that promotes and advocates for the design profession is rewarding. Although I have not become active with the board as of yet, I do plan on doing that someday. For now I take part in some of the RGD events and take advantage of the site.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Going to DesignThinkers and getting to see Massimo Vignelli was very memorable. I remember coming out of that day's sessions feeling invigorated and excited about design.
Why am I a designer?
Becoming a designer was never in question for me. In high school I gravitated to the arts, and my co-op placement was at the local Oshawa newspaper, where I did paste up and worked the stat camera. From there it was a natural move. I live design everyday, in what I do and what I see around me. Packaging and branding is always something I seek out and look for the good and the bad. What design lets me do is solve problems and come up with creative solutions, no matter how big or small the project may be. I still sketch and draw ideas. I letterpress print with wood and metal type. I carve linoleum or wood illustrations and type. And all the while I bring my design sense and typographic eye to all of it.
Why should you hire me?
I bring my passion to each project I take on. I always listen to what my clients needs are and will find solutions that are creative but that can be produced well. I believe in craftsmanship, and strive to achieve flawless execution. Deadlines and budgets are also things I keep in mind when designing anything. The fact that I letterpress gives me a good insight into the production process.