Creative direction / design. TV series poster for Endlings.
John Godfrey RGD
Creative Director
Member since
June 24, 2019
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Packaging
Other Capabilities
Motion Design
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Company description
Chargefield specializes in designing movie posters, motion graphics, album art, packaging, digital (VOD, social media, websites), branding, and other creative deliverables for the entertainment industry and brands.

We’ve designed key art or titles for films that have appeared at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Fantastic Fest, HotDocs and New York Film Festival for companies including 20th Century Fox, Sony, Myriad Pictures, Focus Features, Lionsgate and more.
Why am I an RGD?
I'm an RGD because it's a way to be supported and support fellow designers. It's a way to distinguish myself as a designer who is professional, ethical and knowledgeable. It's a way to move the industry forward and create a strong unified voice for those in creative fields.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Receiving my RGD designation after many years of aspiring to do it. Being welcomed into an association that stands for the same values that I do has been wonderful.
Why am I a designer?
I enjoy the combined tasks of problem-solving and creating aesthetically pleasing work. Everything that happens within that intersection, from planning and development through to the final execution is a rewarding challenge.
Why should you hire me?
I have a diverse skill set and experience in an array of mediums, project types and client industries, which I've found can cross-pollinate, opening up new ideas and unique directions for businesses and entertainment properties.
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Continuing to grow my company, on both the entertainment marketing design and branding design sides.
Contributions to RGD
- Contributor to July 2019 Project Showcase
- Business of Design: How to elevate your presentations, promo and portfolio using 3D software
- Provisional RGD Portfolio Evaluator
- Contributor to March 2020 Project Showcase
- Top 5 Movie Posters of the Decade
- Internship Edition Mentor
- 2020 Student Awards judge
- 2021 Student Awards judge