Cineplex - A ‘motion-first’ brand evolution for Cineplex’s "Hello Movies" Podcast
Julian Brown RGD
ON THE CHASE! Design + Motion Studio
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September 11, 2006
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Motion Graphics
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Digital Marketing, Illustration, Information Design, Typography
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Company description
Julian Brown is On The Chase! One guy. Ten years. 200+ projects. Collaborating with tons of amazing clients: Cineplex, Deloitte, Elections Canada, Husky, MaRS, Martin Prosperity Institute, Pentax, Shoppers Drug Mart, Ubisoft, WWF and more...
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
At DesignThinkers 2018, I had 10 minutes to speak on-stage in front of 1000+ people, right before graphic design legend Michael Bierut. No pressure.
My talk was a candid exposé of working remotely and a middle-finger takedown of today's full-time office culture. Every single slide was an original looping animation—most featuring the unignorable word “F*CK.”
Michael Bierut followed me on Twitter after! So I followed him back.