A brand/concept should be evident from the front cover and carried throughout the document—brochure, report, or proposal.
Karen Ng-Hem RGD
Creative Director
Member since
July 18, 2006
Areas of Specialty
Book Design, Creative Direction, Editorial Design
Other Capabilities
Branding, Information Design, Print Production
Languages Covered
Interested in Freelance
Availability for freelance work
Ideation + Design Research, Pitches, Annual Reports, Bids x RFPs, Publication Design, Events, Campaigns or Special Projects. Always happy to chat about an idea!
Company description
Karen Ng-Hem, RGD, has developed a reputation in the architecture and wider design industry for creating compelling visual stories. Recognized for her sophisticated use of colour, spatial clarity and clean lines, her intuitive and structural approach to design consistently results in clear ideas that compel people to think, feel and act.

My practice focuses on—‘Design for Public Good’. If design is expected to have longevity—it must work on more than one level; serve more than one audience; solve more than one problem.
Why am I an RGD?
Being a licensed graphic designer adds credibility to my profession and ideas within organizations, while holding my standard of work to a higher level.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Reviewing portfolios of students and young professionals. To remember that I too, was once a young designer who wanted to be hired for my talent, earn my professional designation and become a creative director. To be reminded that when I’ve reached another level, I also have a responsibility to help the generation behind me—in my field or not—using the gifts that I have.
Why am I a designer?
To express ideas in visual form, with clarity and brevity.
Why should you hire me?
I LOVE publication design and am passionate about creating clean documents. I am self-motivated and detail-oriented. For 20 years I have worked in several design disciplines (graphic, industrial, architecture, interior design, and print/paper) to understand the common design dialogue.

I also design not just for the project at hand, but think about how it will live in the world as well as promote the value of design to drive future business.
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Focusing on developing processes for design research and ideation. Teaching about publication design.
Contributions to RGD
• Judge – Domtar Award for Print Design (Student Awards, 2023)
• Judge – Entro Award for Placemaking Design (Student Awards, 2022)
• Article: Designers Inspiring Designers (Mar 23)
• Article: Connect with New Clients: The Benefits of RGD's Designer Directory (Oct 22)
• Article: “The future is flexible: How employers can support women at work” (Mar 22)
• Top 5: “Thank You” Gifts for Clients and Collaborators (Sep 22)
• Portfolio Reviewer (2012-Present)
• Membership Committee (2011-14)
• Sponsor (Huge Paper, 2021-22)