Kathryn Sigstad RGD
Member since
March 20, 2019
Areas of Specialty
Art Direction, Branding, Design Education
Other Capabilities
Digital Marketing, Editorial Design, Information Design, Print Production, Signage/Wayfinding
Languages Covered
Interested in Freelance
Availability for freelance work
Company description
Kathy is an Instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, with 20 years in the field of Communication Design and Branding, with a passion for designing and developing a wide range of learning materials.
Why am I an RGD?
With RGD I feel like I am able to connect with my professional community and have opportunities for professional development.

Contributions to RGD
Since becoming RGD certified, I have had opportunities to be humbled and inspired as a: Judge in the Student Design Awards; Member of the RGD Certification Committee; Host to an InHouse Design Round Table; Portfolio Evaluator for Certification candidates; Reviewer for Eastern Canada's Design Educator of the Year Awards; and new member of the Education Committee.