In this project, my role was as the Lead Graphic Designer and Layout Artist for this window design at Savon Du Bois. I completed this through my main employer, ReVue Design & Communications where I am their Graphic Design & Communications Specialist. They’re is a business located in Prince Edward County that specializes in handcrafted all-natural, waste-free soaps and skin care products, made with locally-sourced ingredients (including the Orange Calendula Flowers pictured here - Image courtesy of Sequoia Creative. The main objective of this project was to design something eye-catching and visible from Main Street the street to bring in more foot traffic, as Savon is located further back from the road. Also, the design needed to illustrate this business offers a complete line of soaps in refillable, recyclable containers and draw attention to this fact. But ultimately, the design needed to be consistent to company's overall organic branding strategy with the olive green and gold colour palette, and Wellingborough font.
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The graphic designer with heart. Every project is a passion project.
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To promote this incredible, diverse profession that I'm honoured to be a part of. To help shape the future of graphic design. To assist in improving standards of the graphic/communication design profession. Most importantly: to learn from an amazing team of professionals, and help others in this community learn as well!
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I love to create beautiful things. Even more so, I love to create beautiful things that will help your business grow. I have focused and friendly client approach that makes it possible to afford beautiful design work. Every project is a passion project and I'm always looking for a new design challenge.
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