“Fast-casual restaurant focused on quality food, community, and a fun atmosphere by the water.” Source: @thehookhaliburton. The rope around the logo represents tying community together. Guiding you through a delicious dining experience with the tagline “good, mood, food” where water waves flow beneath. The direction arrows bring you to this picturesque location with a view of Head Lake. The casual spork, knife and hook are symbolic of this fast, fun and relaxed restaurant. Interior Design by Irfan Bukhari @bukharidesignbuild
Leah M. Bukhari RGD
Certified Registered Graphic Designer
Member since
December 12, 2005
Areas of Specialty
Advertising, Branding, Print Production
Other Capabilities
Branding, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, Packaging, Print Production, Signage/Wayfinding, Web Design
Languages Covered
Interested in Freelance
Availability for freelance work
Remote Freelance Preferred
Company description
Leah M. Bukhari is a Senior Level Certified Registered Graphic Designer based in Toronto. She specializes in collaborating with clients to advance their business objectives. Her expertise extends to designing compelling branding, menus, packaging, signage, and advertising materials tailored for the hospitality and retail sectors.

Leah is renowned for delivering dependable, well-organized, and efficient graphic design and production services. She is also co-manager at Bukhari Design Build, working in tandem with her husband. BdB provides custom fabrications and design solutions within the realms of interior and industrial design.

Her remarkable projects include designing branding elements, menus, and bespoke wall art for Hook Line & Sinker, a fast-casual restaurant overlooking Head Lake in Haliburton. She has also designed custom wallpaper for The King's Arms, a lively pub in downtown Oakville, and rebranding Dimmi Bar and Trattoria in Toronto's upscale Yorkville neighborhood with a new logo, custom interior graphics, and intricate CNC cut wall lettering.

Throughout her illustrious career, Leah has excelled as a creative thinker, adept manager, and proficient production artist. Her talents have been sought after by esteemed design and retail organizations including Oxygen Design Agency, Publicis, Red Lion, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Tepperman’s.

Leah is very community-minded and throughout her career has done work with various not-for-profit organizations including United Way, Plan Canada and Look Good Feel Better.

Leah holds the distinction of being an honours graduate from Centennial College, George Brown College, and Toronto Image Works (TIW). Her exceptional contributions were acknowledged with Applied Arts magazine’s logo application design award.
Why am I an RGD?
I take immense pride in being a member of an association dedicated to championing and safeguarding our graphic design profession. RGD's unwavering dedication to upholding quality and competence plays a pivotal role in nurturing excellence and establishing industry-leading standards.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Studio Tours and DesignThinkers Conferences.
Why am I a designer?
My enthusiasm lies in making impactful designs with my clients' ultimate goals at the forefront of every creative endeavor. There's an undeniable thrill in collaborating intimately with vendors to meticulously create and bring forth the pinnacle of printing excellence.
Why should you hire me?
Consider hiring me for my dedication to efficiency and reliability. I have a track record of consistently completing projects on time and within budget, demonstrating a commitment to precision and attention to detail. My friendly cooperative attitude, experience and reliability make me a valuable and cost-effective addition to your team.