With new ownership and a renewed vision came the opportunity to breathe new life into the LifeScan corporate brand of diabetes solutions. The result? Vivid, colourful and full of life. Just like LifeScan. // Scope: Logomark, Brand Identity Platform, Stationery, Corporate Collateral, Environmental Graphics, Presentation Templates, Brand Launch Video, Brand Standards
Matthew Clark RGD
Subplot Design Inc.
Identifies as:
Founder & Creative Director
Member since
July 18, 2017
1930 Pandora Street
604 685 2990
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Packaging
Other Capabilities
Book Design, Corporate Communications, Illustration
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Company description
Subplot Design Inc. is a leading brand and packaging design firm that specializes in solving tough problems for demanding clients in highly competitive world markets. Clients who require critical thinking trust us to elevate their brands above the competition, with diligence and creativity that ensures success.

Based in Vancouver, BC, our partners are hands-on with every project; verbal & visual branding, corporate identity programs, packaging, 360 degree campaigns, video and of course, more.
Why am I an RGD?
Friends of design are friends of mine :) Seriously, I love the work that RGD is doing to advance our profession in so many ways, from Creative Earners to DesignThinkers Conferences, from Future by Design webinars to the SoGood Design Awards. Supporting RGD through my membership and other help I can offer is good for all of us.
Why should you hire me?
What is Creative Certainty™?

Neither an oxymoron nor a middle point between two extremes, Creative Certainty is smart, consumer-focused, business-asset “certainty” that is brought to life through inspiring, breakthrough “creativity”.

To put it another way, Creative Certainty is deductive, decisive, pragmatic, didactic, methodical, empirical, clear-eyed, fresh-faced, eyebrow-furrowing, poetic, alchemic, chimeric, grenade-throwing, mind-blowing, rule-breaking, breathtaking, kick-at-sacred-cows, maybe-not-what-you-expected-but-for-sure-what-you-need brand design.