Creating a new consistent format and color chart to enhance the visibility of the logo on various mediums, the challenge for this project was taking into account the scale of the logo and the variety of print and web platforms for which it would be used. Using a san serif typeface made the logo more legible regardless of the scale. Additionally, the choice of color enhanced the professional look, adding a key missing component to a simple design package. The end product was used for the production of complimentary cards, stationery sets, banners, print publication ads, and bus shelter ads posted around the brampton areas.
Michael Akuamoah-Boateng RGD (Certified Senior Designer)
Boathaus Studio
Web/ Graphic Designer
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July 5, 2013
Other Capabilities
Branding, Web
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Company description
Toronto based independent designer with professional creative focus on Graphic Design, Typography, User Interface Design & Web Design.
Why am I an RGD?
My artistic creativity and problem solving techniques are deeply influenced by the culture and environment I find myself. RGD, therefore, helps shapes my creative thinking; It also serves as a collective voice to all its members as professional designers.
Why am I a designer?
I like the ability to communicate clearly through text and images to connect people with content that will, in some way, benefit their lives.
Why should you hire me?
I believe that good design should communicate and not just to decorate. Therefore I approach every project with solutions that's relavant to my client's business

I have a strong sense of humility and recognize that people have varying tastes; therefore, I believe that through collaborating I can share a common goal and benefit other peoples lives.