Nicholas Di Cuia RGD
Kopy Kat
Writer, Creative Director
Member since
May 1, 1996
Areas of Specialty
Advertising, Creative Direction, Marketing
Other Capabilities
Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Design Management, Digital Marketing, Editorial Design, Marketing, Strategy, Typography
Languages Covered
Company description
We partner with you to develop relevant means of communications across multiple media. Our key areas of expertise, include advertising, corporate identity/branding, marketing collateral as well as writing/ghostwriting for announcements, executive emails and messages, presentations, press releases, speeches, articles. Services include editing, word-smithing, or simply re-working an existing piece of communication or presentation.
Why am I an RGD?
Required or not, for the same reason accountants, lawyers, doctors and engineers are part of their professional associations: to be part of a professional body promoting your profession, and abiding by industry-standard rules and professional conduct. And, to contribute to making our association a robust group of people working hard to separate ourselves from non-professionals. In my opinion, it's simply the thing to do.
Why am I a designer?
Everything in the world you see, touch, talk, about... has, in some way or another—whole or in part—come into contact with, or led by design method, thinking, planning, and, ultimately, execution. There's nothing greater than to be part of this process. To be a creative professional. A designer. Every day is different!