The Grid was an internationally recognized (and locally beloved) weekly newspaper/hybrid in Toronto. Running from 2011 to 2014, it was aimed at smart, engaged and curious people in their 20s and 30s.
Nicola Hamilton RGD (Certified Senior Designer)
Studio Wyse
Art Director
Member since
April 14, 2016
1166A Dundas Street West
Unit 2
Areas of Specialty
Book Design, Information Design, Publication
Other Capabilities
Branding, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, Packaging, Print Promotion, Signage/Wayfinding, Typography, Web
Languages Covered
Interested in Freelance
Company description
Nicola Hamilton is one-half of Studio Wyse, a small Toronto-based design studio who have redesigned, repositioned, and launched editorial products for large media brands, including The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, The Grid, and Ryerson University.

Studio Wyse specializes in narrative-driven design and creative direction — and not just for magazines and newspapers. We tackle everything from long-term projects like product launches and brand partnerships to quicker things like influencer videos.

Nothing is too big or small.
Contributions to RGD in 2018
- Vice President of Communications on Board of Directors
- Chair of Communications Committee
- DesignThinkers 2018 TO Speed Mentor
- Designers + Drinks + Discussions Contributor
- Top 5 Contributor
- Winter Session Mentor
- Summer Designathon Mentor
- Winter Designathon Mentor
- Provisional RGD Portfolio Evaluator
- Reviewer of Student Portfolios