Consolidation of the then, 3 identity marks was necessary to better draw attention to the need across the two towns the Food Banks served. The simple design has not only stood the test of time but repositioned the banks for growth and the prosperity (generous community support) it enjoys to this day. “The most engaged community around a food bank”, says Ontario Association of Food Banks.
Peter Gabany RGD
Limelight Advertising & Design
President | Creative Dir
Member since
May 1, 1996
5831 5th Line
Port Hope
L1A 3V6
905 885 9895
Areas of Specialty
Branding, Corporate Communications, Strategy
Other Capabilities
Advertising, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Design Management, Digital Marketing, Information Design, Marketing, Packaging, Photography, Print Production, Signage/Wayfinding, Strategy, Video, Web Design
Languages Covered
English, French
Company description
Our clients–preferably upper tier management and business owners–come to us with real-world challenges. Their world is often governed by achieving goals. It is our approach that helps them realize outcomes, not bridled by rigid targets but a greater appreciation of what is possible through motivation, empowerment and the respectful ask.
Why am I an RGD?
RGD, through membership, it's code of ethical practice, it's accreditation process, showcasing of Canadian designers has raised the bar for the graphic design industry. Practicing members have consequently left an indelible mark on Canada's ability to compete globally in the professional practice of design and through a consistent vision has drawn focus for its members Internationally.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
Over 2+ decades, the most memorable ‘moment’ is that we have been allowed to participate in the growth and development of the most significant (my opinion) design fraternity in the world.

As RGDs we have improved the design culture of Ontario and now working on contributing to Canada.
Why am I a designer?
Every day is a new challenge brought on by the very real needs of clients. These opportunities transcend a normal production day job and as a designer we can assist in helping our clients reach outcomes that they rarely consider. When we do that, it lights our fire.
Why should you hire me?
The world seems to be unravelling and the need for connection, “real connection” is in short supply.

A plethora of change over our 36years leaves us with the familiar, “change is a constant”.

The news is filled with conspiracy, untruths, a constant need for social and cultural supports.

Prevalent as this condition paints us today, using that formulaic approach to bolster your business cobbles opportunity… an opportunity that allows your business to excel. The cure, heralded by the many is “disruption”.

Contributing to the din of global disruption can be more ‘flash in the pan’ than sound strategy. Let your people, your products, your service offer a meaningful improvement to people’s lives. It’s a rather basic approach, but it proves to connect and a connection is so lacking today.
Where do I see myself in 5 years?
Five years goes by so very fast… and with the tremendous change upon us today all we know for certain is that we will continue to help our clients improve their business by remaining relevant to their respective communities.

We never tire from those wishing improvement for their business and community. We want more success for those willing to help others.
Contributions to RGD
- DesignThinkers Master at DesignThinkers 2018 TO

RGD Board as VP for 5 years
Presenter/Mentor/Employer of RGD future stars