Branding, in-store end-cap planogram for Walmart US stores, and four of the multiple SKUs of packaging for this mass market eco-diaper system
Rod Nash RGD
Nash & Nash Ltd.
Creative Director
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May 1, 1996
3916 Pleasantview Lane
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Branding, Packaging, Web
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Company description
Design, advertising and marketing communications.
We believe results based design and advertising flow from sound knowledge. The right answers to the right questions.
Our approach is eclectic; this lets us work with clients to choose a style that is best for the task.
We believe in the value of integrated marketing communications strategies where the parts work cohesively to get clients what they want.
Our approach is collaborative – with our clients and our clients' teams.
All this fits us well to help both new businesses and mature organizations looking toward major growth, needed change, and/or an identity upgrade (rebranding).