Past Years
  • In partnership with George Brown College, RGD welcomed educators from around the world to discuss the future of design education at our 3rd annual Design Educators Conference on November 5, 2015.


    The Conference theme, transformation, considered how design and design education are transformative processes, and how design education itself is in a state of continual transformation.


    Click here to download the Conference Proceedings

  • Humber College and RGD welcomed educators and industry professionals from around the world to the 4th annual Design Educators Conference on November 5, 2016.


    Conference presenters spoke on the theme, Education vs Learning, exploring the connections and disconnects of education with the goal to stimulate learning. As students and technology evolve, how is education changing to meet the needs of the new learner? What technologies or techniques will encourage learning? Where are the pain points for educators and learners?


    Conference proceedings from a specially selected group of speakers will be published in January 2018.