Domtar In-House Award of Paper

The Domtar Award celebrates all forms of expression on any uncoated paper (not just Domtar).


Select 'I would like to be considered for the Domtar Award' when completing the submission form. And send 2 printed samples of the entry to RGD at 96 Spadina Ave, Suite 210, Toronto, ON M5V 2J6 by the final entry deadline (July 17).


The Winner(s) of this Award will receive a tour of FSC Forest and Paper Mill at Domtar’s Quebec mill for up to 4 people, accommodation for 2 nights, with travel costs covered up to CAD $4000.


Here’s to the risk takers, the trend-setters and the socially responsible. Here’s to creatives, designers and printers who put heart and soul into their work and then trust it to the Cougar®, Lynx®, Husky® and EarthChoice® brands. Domtar’s creation of quality products reflects a commitment to the graphic design industry. Check out Blueline by Domtar®, an industry-leading resource for fresh content, innovative ideas, perspectives and possibilities, at