Moveable Power of Design Award
  • The Moveable Award is open to all in-house teams who have created communications related to the COVID-19 global pandemic
  • This Award is limited to Canadian entrants
  • It is free to enter work to be considered for this Award
Judging Criteria
The winning entry will receive the highest average score provided by our judges in the free COVID-19 pandemic-related communications category.
Their selection will be based on design (elegance and sophistication of core design concepts, the layout and use of space, typography, clever synergies of visual elements, artistic integration, etc.); creativity (advanced, unusual or clever solutions, uniqueness of materials, originality of components and/or creative use of resources) and strategy (solution satisfies project goals and objectives and demonstrates intelligent, insightful application of design thinking).
  • $2,000 worth of paper and printing services to go towards a project of the winning team's choice. Make it extra-special with advanced printing features you wouldn't normally have the budget for! Choose from Moveable’s bundle of services, including short-run and offset printing, large-format posters, proofreading and copyediting, scanning and image retouching and its renowned multilingual typesetting.
  • Promotion for the project across RGD communications channels