Why should you enter the RGD's new In-House Design Awards?

- Demonstrate to your employer the value of the work you do.

- Compete against other in-house designers who face the same challenges and constraints.

- Be judged by in-house design managers who also understand what it takes to work in-house and do great work.

- Demonstrate that great design (and ultimately design effectiveness) is often the result of deep brand knowledge and continuous client collaboration, both vital strengths of in-house designers.

- Help RGD to celebrate and be aware of all of the amazing work being done in-house (which will in turn help us understand your challenges better and program events and content relevant to your experiences.)


Recognition with the industry

  • Winners will be profiled on the RGD website and across RGD communication channels including an email newsletter distributed to over 19,000


Recognition in Printed Annual

In addition to being featured in RGD communications, winning entries will appear in a printed Awards Annual (3,000 copies distributed).


Receive Award

Winners will receive a physical award for display in your home or office.


In 2019, Awards will be handed out at a special Awards Ceremony happening as part of the 20th annual DesignThinkers Conference taking place in downtown Toronto October 24-25.