Mentorship Program

Provisional RGD Members are invited to apply to participate in this Program 2 times a year. Each time, a new group of Mentors are available, all of whom are senior professionals working in the industry, offering unique perspectives and advice to their Mentees. 


Our Summer 2018 Round presents 17 Mentors with details below explaining their backgrounds and what they could offer to their Mentee. Applications are still open for the 10 Mentors below.


Deadline to Apply for this Round: August 1

Apply online here.


After the deadline, RGD will review all applications with our Mentors to create pairings. Then we will be in touch to connect you with your Mentor. Over 9 months, mentees can schedule up to 6 one-hour sessions with their Mentors. Sessions can be in-person or virtual depending on the location of your Mentor. RGD provides suggested discussion topics but you and your Mentor can decide what to discuss in each session, based on what each Mentor proposes below. Any Provisional RGD not paired with one of our Mentors will be given the opportunity to participate in the Program with a different RGD Mentor in the industry with similar qualifications.





Not a Provisional RGD?

If you are working (or seeking work) in the graphic design industry with less than 10 years experience, you are invited to apply for Provisional RGD Membership to participate in this program. Details here.


10 Available Mentors


"I will offer advice and critique in the areas of logo design, typography and lettering, motion design, user interface and experience design, and narrative story-telling. I will share best (& worst) practices for designing based on concept in your work and creative process, and how to foster productive collaborative relationships."

Breck Campbell RGD

Breck designs identities & develops brands for start-ups and product launchers in a systematic and methodical manner, focusing heavily on concept development. This approach has resulted in happy clients in the entertainment, tech, educational & financial sectors. Past clients & employers include MIT, GE, Technicolor, Paramount, OLG, CTV, CBC, Digital Extremes and Big Viking Games.


"I will offer insights both from a national and international perspective, while sharing expansive conversations and our love for what we do."

Vanessa Eckstein RGD

Having lived and worked in Buenos Aires, LA, NYC, Mexico City and Toronto, Vanessa brings a unique international perspective to her work. In 1998, she founded Blok, which partners with leading thinkers in the fields of architecture, film, industrial design and art to produce work for brands such as Pepsi, Nike, the Miami Art Museum and Unicef.

"I will explain what it’s like to work as a designer in both in-house and studio settings and offer advice on refining your digital portfolio, all while sharing our mutual love for our craft."

Meg Lynch RGD

Meg is a senior designer at Forge Media + Design in Toronto. For almost 10 years, she’s applied her insight and enthusiasm to both Toronto and Vancouver’s design communities, crafting brands and creating digital solutions that ensure meaningful experiences for the end user.


"I will help you understand how to get into the creative industry. We will chat about how to bring the right attitude and confidence to the table, enabling you to channel your enthusiasm and skillset to take on any challenge!"

Sarah Prouse RGD

Sarah has worked as a designer for over 13 years for a small firm in Markham. Over the years, she’s worn many hats — involved in both the operations and design sides of running a small business, working with a variety of clients, on projects, big and small.


"I will help you improve your creative process (research, storyboard, concept development, synopsis, etc.); refine, present and defend a motion project; and enhance the business side of your practice (commercials, proposals, presenting)."

Jaoued Sidali RGD

Jaoued is an Art Director and Senior Motion Designer with 10 years experience in digital media, and knowledge in creative strategy, vision, communication and management with an emphasis on media TV and workflow optimization for brands. After a successful career in France, he moved to Canada and now works for Groupe Média TFO.


"I will share my knowledge of web design, data visualization and editorial design, while also discussing practical skills such as Adobe creative software and print-ready file preparation."

Nikki Shih RGD

Nikki is a graphic designer with 6 years experience who is passionate about both print and digital design. Her work includes UX/UI design for web and mobile applications, maps & infographics and editorial design for magazines and books.


"I will offer a broad perspective to help soften the boundaries between work and play, thinking and making, analog and digital, business and politics—with the goal of helping you adapt to change and prosper in life, and not be consumed by success and survival."

Nick Shinn RGD

Nick was born in London in 1952. During the 1980s, he worked in advertising as a creative director. In 1998, he launched Shinntype. He has designed over 40 typefaces, which run the gamut of styles and are well-known around the world. His typefaces are on view daily in The Globe and Mail (print and online), for which client he has designed all fonts since 2002.


"I will share my experience art directing and designing in both the advertising and film industries. I offer a straightforward approach to help you craft your portfolio, build your personal brand, adapt to the hurdles and pitfalls young designers face and understand the importance of the big idea."

Beau Turner RGD

Beau is a multi-faceted art director and graphic designer, experienced in creating design solutions for the advertising, television and film industries. Currently he is creating traditional, non-traditional and digital media for use in television and film productions.


"I will work with you to further develop your creative process and offer guidance for creating and presenting killer ideas that are grounded in strong design thinking and business strategy."

Jennifer Weaymouth RGD

Known for her high energy and joie de vivre, Jennifer brings creative ingenuity to everything she touches. In 2013, Jennifer launched Weaymouth Creative, a boutique design firm specializing in branding, packaging and retail design. Recognized both nationally and internationally, Jennifer's work is influenced by a global outlook, love of arts and culture and her ongoing obsession with typography.


"I’ll work with you to help you discover and promote your niche and build strong client relationships and share insights on designing in an intercultural environment. I’m especially interested in helping you embrace your personal values and how to use that to drive your creativity and professional direction."

Fe Wyma RGD

For more than 20 years, Fe has worked with a range of public and corporate clients across Canada. She is the principal designer of Kapwa Communications whose work is founded on the belief that communications is about more than strategy, design and branding. Fe has taught at Algonquin and Georgian Colleges, and this, along with her experiences in Canada’s most northern and southern communities, fuel her desire to stay curious and keep learning.

  • Applications are full for these mentors.


    "I will share my knowledge for those looking to start their own freelance practice or design studio, offering help with writing proposals, pricing projects, client relationships, pitching and presenting and other areas related to the business of design."

    Anthony Furia RGD

    Anthony is Founder and Principal designer at Furia, a branding and design firm in Toronto. His career has spanned 15 years, three continents and many disciplines within the creative industry. Anthony's work has featured in prominent design publications and recognized by national and international design awards.


    "I will offer insights on the industry in Toronto and internationally as well as guidance on how to identify your personal goals and then find the right kind of opportunity to fulfil them."

    Paddy Harrington RGD

    Paddy is founder of Frontier, a creative exploration company consisting of a magazine, studio and ventures group. An award-winning writer and filmmaker with degrees in literature and architecture, Paddy has spoken at Brown, Harvard and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His clients have included The New York Jets, McDonald’s and the Holy City of Mecca. Formerly, Paddy was Senior VP, Design Innovation & Digital Creative Director at Indigo and Executive Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design.


    "I will share successes and epic fails and recommend ways to help you navigate and succeed in the world of in-house, including surviving transformation, value seeking, driving efficiency and generating creative power."

    Tina Mackenzie RGD

    Tina is Manager of Creative Services at The City of Mississauga. She provides creative leadership and direction to an award-winning design team for both print and digital media that develops engaging and effective work.


    "I will share my knowledge in communication and UX/UI design within a health education context. I will share insights on how to thrive creatively and advocate for design in a large in-house environment. I will also help you to identify your career goals and pragmatic steps you can take to realize them."

    Genevieve Metropolis RGD

    With a broad knowledge of the digital product design process, Geneviève has 16 years experience in print and interaction design. She has worked for Raincoast Books, Indigo and Entertainment One, and is currently UX & Design Manager at AboutKidsHealth at SickKids.


    "I will offer insight and advice around refining your creative process, honing your craft and helping you start and/or establish your career in the direction that’s best for you."

    Mikey Richardson RGD

    Mikey is founding partner of Jacknife. Responsible for leading creative and strategic teams, he has worked across an enormous range of industries from action sports to pharma. His clients have included Red Bull, Second Cup, Nike, Sims Snowboards, Coca-Cola, YTV, Mattel, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Tetley and Aphria.


    "I will share my understanding of the importance of story-telling in design. I will help you to talk about yourself, your work and your process in ways that are engaging and compelling. I can help you craft your portfolio, prepare for job interviews, or get into the nitty-gritty of editorial and print design."

    Kyle Schruder RGD

    Kyle is Brand Experience Manager at Bridgeable, a Toronto service design consultancy. He honed his editorial design chops at James Ireland Design and Fresh Art + Design, working on publications for the University of Toronto and Opera Canada.


    "I will share my insights on how to survive and thrive in both the ad agency world and in-house corporate world. I can share knowledge on how to build brands and create integrated campaigns. And, if navigating a design job search is where you need help, you came to the right person."

    Simone St. Aimee RGD

    Simone is a Graphic Designer and Art Director who has spent most of her life as a working creative. From owning her own make-shift studio at the age of 15 to her 20-year career as an art director in ad agencies including Ogilvy One and MacLaren McCann, she now works as a senior in-house designer.


  • "As your Mentor, I want to act as a guide to help a designer shape the course of their career. That guidance come from over 20 years of experience, with highs and lows, wins and losses, tears and laughter and a passion for the craft and business of graphic design that only gets brighter with every year."

    Dominic Ayre RGD

    Dominic has worked in Toronto as a designer for more than 20 years. At Hambly & Woolley, Dominic focuses on high-level strategic initiatives with clients such as the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, SOSCIP, RGD, Harry Rosen, OCAD University, CIFAR and Quadrangle Architects. Currently on faculty at OCAD University, Dom is an enthusiastic mentor to new designers and is well known within the design community for his expertise in typography, web platforms, design trends and popular culture.


    "As your mentor, I can provide advice and help you navigate the many sides of creativity including working with clients, building the portfolio you want and some of the differences between in-house and agency environments. A mistake I made early on was thinking hard work and a good portfolio was all one needed to succeed as a designer—while those form an important foundation, there are many other skills to master."

    Caroline Bruckner RGD

    Caroline is the Creative Director for Deloitte Canada, leading the Design and Video studios. She helps to clarify client goals and objectives and leads design teams to execute the plan and deliver results. Over 20 years in corporate design, Caroline has worked with private companies, professional services and non-profits to develop strategic, creative communications. Caroline has been the lead creative on projects for clients including Yamana Gold, TransAlta Renewables, TMX Group and Tim Hortons. She also led the introduction of Ernst & Young’s new brand identity across Canada. A multiple award-winning designer, Caroline has been recognized by the International ARC awards, Canadian Regional Design Awards, Unisource Canada Design and Print Excellence Awards, International iNOVA awards and RGD’s In-house Design Awards.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my knowledge and experience of UX/UI design and share insights as to how user-first design thinking can be applied to any design project to help maximize efforts and ensure success. I would also offer advice on how to become a freelance designer and provide insights on what it takes to be your own boss and run your own business."

    Evelyn Csiszar RGD

    Evelyn is the founder and lead UX/UI designer at Collective Experience. Her lifelong fascination with studying how people think and act has led to a deep passion for user experience design. She believes that you can only create successful products and services if you build it around the needs and wants of the people who will use them. This guiding principle applies to everything she does, regardless of the medium. Evelyn has had the pleasure of working on projects for organizations like University of Toronto, BMO, HydroOne, CCRM, Futurpreneur, HEQCO, CNIB and the Ontario Science Centre.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my insights and experience as both an independent freelancer and as in-house designer. I would offer advice on how to be a good designer, and make good work in any situation."

    Raj Grainger RGD

    Raj is a multidisciplinary graphic designer who lives and works in Toronto. After dropping out of architecture school, he studied conceptual art and media design. Raj now focuses primarily on print- and identity-based projects and likes to collaborate with cultural and educational institutions, non-profits and other creative types.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my approach to charting your unique design path. If you’re interested in eventually running your own design business, I can provide insight on how to get there and then how to carve out niche markets that are both strategic and interesting over the long-haul."

    Wendy Gray RGD

    Big picture thinking, strategic solutions, outstanding design, happy clients, discovering young talent, the privilege of teaching, mentoring, judging and contributing to the professional design industry are but some of the things that continue to motivate Wendy after 20 years of building Gravity into the full-service, multidisciplinary firm it is today. Designing for social good is one of her passions and in 2004, she made a commitment to service the non-profit sector in equal part to all of her other clients. Today, she is proud to have worked with over 50 non-profit organizations.


    "As your mentor, I can share insights on the industry through the lens of an editorial designer. I can help you identify your goals and be your guide as you work towards fulfulling them."

    Nicola Hamilton RGD
    Nicola is a total magazine nerd. She's the Art Director at Studio Wyse, where she designs editorial and marketing products, collaborates with photographers, illustrators and filmmakers and helps run the business. Nicola's work has been internationally recognized by the D&AD, the Society of Publication Designers, the Society for News Design, and the Canadian National Magazine Awards.


    "As your Mentor, I will share my knowledge and experience to assist you in your creative process. I have a wide range of practice areas, from magazines to branding, and as a studio owner & creative director, I and am happy to share my experiences to help you choose an area of design to focus on."

    Norm Lourenco RGD

    Norm is Creative Director and founder of Toronto-based K9 strategy+design. Norm has 25 years of experience in creating strategies to execute branding and publication design for many of Canada’s small independent to large multi-title publishers and countless entrepreneurial, professional and non-profit clients with their design and communications opportunities.


    "As your Mentor, I will listen, provide feedback and share experiences that have been valuable to me and hopefully to you as well. My focus will combine both creative and common practice advice for the design industry. I am passionate about walking alongside other young designers as they discover their place in the exciting and ever-evolving world of design. My goal is for this experience to be relevant and enjoyable for you!"

    Trevor Martin RGD

    Trevor is a multidisciplinary senior designer at Innovative Design & Print Inc and enjoys analyzing and creating strategic solutions for any communicational project. He has continued to develop his expertise in brand identity, print collateral and interactive design. He has a keen eye for detail and enjoys clean, intelligent and thoughtful design that brings powerful messages to life. Above all, he wishes to establish strong and meaningful relationships with his clients, understanding their story and giving them a voice that gets them noticed above the noise.


    "As your Mentor, I will share insights I have gleaned, running a small business while sustaining a creative practice. What structures and tactics will help your creative heart thrive? What kinds of work or networks of support will free you to grow into your full potential as a designer, and build upon your strengths? Whether you aim to work as a solopreneur or in a team, these questions are ongoing, and great to keep exploring."

    Rami Schandall RGD

    Rami is the principal designer and owner of Visual Creative, a multi-faceted Toronto studio founded in 2005. She works with diverse clients — institutional, corporate, and nonprofit organizations, small businesses, artists and professionals — to illuminate their communications with clean, unique, and functional design. She offers support beyond graphic design. As a multi-disciplinary artist and writer, Rami draws on her work across media for both solutions and inspiration, building a flexible and sustainable practice over nearly twenty years.


    "As your Mentor, I would offer assistance building and refining portfolios to show design thinking across disciplines and offer tips to junior designers as they look for their next career moves."

    Iliana Sergeev RGD

    Iliana never lost her child-like drive and endless curiosity. As the founder of a multi-disciplinary design studio, IS Design Labs, Iliana’s passion for problem-solving and communication is not bound by definitions, as she pushes the line where graphic design meets dimensional experiences. She is a visionary designer with years of work spanning across numerous industries.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my insights on branding from a holistic and strategy-based perspective, designing for accessibility, identifying and maximizing your strengths as a designer, and how to refine your portfolio to have a successful transition from school to professional work."

    Eduardo Trejos RGD

    Eduardo is a highly creative soul with a natural drive toward exploration, yet he has the business acumen and technical know-how to deliver on his vision. While his formal academic training is in advertising design, photography and animation, his creative interests and explorations have led him to build additional expertise in web design and video. Eduardo has worked, both locally and abroad, as a multimedia designer and web front-end specialist. His diverse client base includes CBC The National, WestJet, Bank of Montreal, Canada Post, Canadian Cancer Society, OLG Corporation and the University of Toronto.


    "As a designer who thinks a lot about the impact me and my work have in the world, I hope to discuss both the specifics of graphic design and its larger influence on society."

    Elliot Vredenburg RGD

    Elliot is from Toronto and lives there sometimes. At others, he is in LA or western Europe. For over ten years, Elliot has worked as a designer and writer across many fields, ranging from fine art, academia and the nonprofit sector; to advertising, web design and boutique design studio practices. He has exhibited, taught and held residencies in Canada, the United States and Europe. Today, he's working as a freelance designer and engaging in critical design research on topics including the weird intersections of marketing and social control, nature made by people and how bad design may actually be good.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my experiences working for corporate firms, design agencies, plus what it takes to hustle the freelance life.  I can share what it’s like working in print publication as well as digital, and describe the merits of each. I can offer advice on building professional RFP presentations and conceptual mood boards to support your designs."

    Hilary Walls RGD
    Hilary is an award winning Art Director based in Toronto. Beginning her career working for agencies in Toronto and Vancouver, she later joined the headquarters of Cactus Club Cafe leading their branding and design efforts across digital and print mediums. In 2017, she joined Cossette's Toronto offices, leading the design team for their Citizen Relations public relations agency banner, supporting some of the world's most iconic brands. In 2009, Hilary had the honour of receiving national distinction from the Packaging Association of Canada when her designs for the rebrand of Sprite (Coca Cola) was awarded first place. That same year, Hilary was also recognized with the People's Choice Award for her design. In 2015, she proudly earned her CGD and is now also an RGD.
  • "As your mentor, I will help you think about where you are and where you might want to be in your near and distant future. We will discuss the steps you could take to build your career as a multi-skilled design person. My focus will be on human factors and how you can design for inspiration, usability and the wellbeing of others."

    Ian Chalmers RGD

    Ian is the founder and Creative Director of Pivot Design Group in Toronto. He sees design as a strategic driver to improve the health and well-being of people, services, and organizations. Over the past eight years, Ian’s philanthropic desire has found him lending his design hands as a Board Member for Pencils for Kids, which provides scholarships, farming programs and sewing programs for girls in a small community in Nigér, Africa.

    Ian’s recent focus has been in the healthcare vertical, bringing a people-centred design research focus to the work Pivot creates for researchers, scientists, physicians, institutions.

    Ian’s DesignMeets events continue to be an exciting success with over 25 events to date, 2500 attendees, 84 speakers, 15 themes and in 4 cities. The event has tackled Design Thinking as a method to solve wicked problems that exist in HealthCare (#mHealth), Financial Services (#FinTech), and Public Policy to name a few.


    “As your mentor, I will share how we achieve Creative Certainty™, with smart, consumer-focused, business-asset “certainty” that is brought to life through inspiring, breakthrough “creativity”."

    Matthew Clark RGD

    Matthew is an internationally-recognized Creative Director and Designer based in Vancouver, Canada. Founder of Subplot Design Inc., he is also an author, mentor and public speaker known for his opinionated take on branding, design, and the world of marketing and advertising. Matthew’s work, which focuses on retail branding and packaging, has been recognized with over 250 local, national and international awards; has been published in over 75 articles worldwide; and is part of the permanent collections of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum and the Design Exchange. He is also a drawer, painter, and sword-play-dance-party-pantomime dad and husband.


    "I have been fortunate to have a career that has given me the opportunity to learn and be involved in all different parts of our business – sometimes these were fantastic experiences… sometimes… not so much. I would like to pass on some the lessons I learned to the next generation so they are able to embrace and appreciate all the good things there are in being a design professional."

    John Furneaux RGD

    John is the Principal of Projektor Brand Image. For 25 years John has developed brand programs and communications for a wide range of North American organizations – from entrepreneurial start-ups to global leaders. Prior to founding Projektor, John held executive creative leadership positions at a number of Canada’s premier design consultancies including Identica, karacters design group and Ove Brand|Design. John is a Past President of RGD and is an active speaker and contributor in the Canadian design industry.


    "As a mentor, I can share my insights on getting your foot in the door when starting off in the industry, as well as direction and critique for illustrative work."

    Alisha Giroux RGD

    Alisha is currently Art Director with Greenmelon Inc with expertise in illustration, branding and package design. Years of drawing in the margins of school notebooks has paid off, and she’s had her designs published for such clients as the Royal Canadian Mint, Farm Boy, and the Canadian Museum of History. She’s also a published children’s book illustrator, and has published work with two NY Times bestselling authors.


    "As a mentor, I would love to share insight about what it means to move through a design career, what the common roadblocks are, and how to circumvent them. I'd also love to help mentees learn how to improve their value to organizations and offer practical advice on designing digital products (anything from wireframing, to concepting, prototyping, working with engineers and managing timelines and expectations)."

    Sasha Goldstein RGD

    Sasha is a digital product designer in Vancouver, BC, whose eight-year design career also includes up to 12% work in copywriting, marketing, brand-building, advertising and strategy. He currently uses his acute eye for detail, polished aesthetic and diverse background to outsell all the other lemonade vendors on his block. He also works in-house as a Senior Designer for SAXX Underwear.


    "Design is the easy part. Convincing clients to buy it is another ball of wax. As your mentor, I will teach you how to refine your creative and develop a compelling pitch that will win over even the toughest critic in the room."

    Will Hum RGD

    Will is a co-founder of Clear Space, where he leads the firm’s strategic vision and creative direction. For more than 20 years, Will has been developing creative ideas for a wide range of clients including: University of Toronto, Hudson’s Bay Company, Sunnybrook Foundation, Toronto Global, Markham Museum, and Navigator.


    “As your mentor, I will share my experience as a solo designer versus working in a team environment, from project leading to building strong client relationships. I’m excited to help you grow through the ups and downs of your own unique creative journey!”

    Amanda Khoo RGD

    Amanda is a multi-talented graphic designer based in Toronto. With ten years of experience, her expertise includes branding, digital marketing, and web design. She thrives when collaborating with those who share a mutual passion of communicating memorable and meaningful experiences through educational information, environmental awareness, community, and social good.


    "As a Mentor, I will share my knowledge of the consulting side of design and offer young designers best practices and processes to ensure that their creative vision is implemented and successfully applied by their clients."
    Irina Khvalova RGD
    Before founding Colourphill in 1998, Irina worked as a senior designer at and at AON Hewitt, a leading North American human resources consulting firm. Working in a design studio and a consulting environment gave Irina a unique perspective on the business of design – from both the designer’s and the client’s points of view. Her creative, production and consulting experience helps Colourphill’s clients minimize the business risk associated with implementing creative and design initiatives. Irina is an Associate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. She is also a longtime member of RGD. Irina has been a creative director for clients such as Bank of Montreal, Northland Power Inc., PepsiCo Canada, Eli Lilly Canada,, HP, IBM, Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario, Start Proud and, most recently, Health Quality Ontario (HQO).
    "As your mentor, I look forward to sharing my experience, passion and perspective on design and the business of design. I will offer insight into finding the right fit creatively, help you identify your goals and navigate through the next steps in the design process to get you there."
    Megan Oldfield RGD
    Megan is the founding principal and creative director of Field Design Office and a design educator in Toronto. Partnering with clients in entertainment, arts, hospitality and corporate sectors, she specializes in creative direction and design spanning branding, packaging, film titling, wayfinding and exhibition design–most notably for Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh on The Happy Show in Toronto. Previously, Megan worked as a designer at Bruce Mau Design, Art Director, EMI Music Canada and Design Professor, Art & Art History at University of Toronto / Sheridan, where she continues to teach. Additionally, Megan serves on the RGD Board of Directors; VP, Education Committee, and is a Certification Portfolio Evaluator.
    “As a mentor, I would share my experience working with small to medium sized private companies, from a local to global perspective. I will underscore the importance of staying focused on personal goals, mindful of a work/life balance. It is valuable to recognize that graphic design is alive and well beyond Big City limits and that fruitful and rewarding opportunities await in rural settings.”
    Laura Piche RGD

    Laura calls North Bay home base, yet her work, and suitcase, have traveled to many points worldwide. Her 30+ year career has been within the private sector, including grass root Mom & Pop Shops to international brands, cartooning, publishing, television and film. Her heart flutters for typography, print graphics, screen printing, teaching and brand strategy. She will always be an advocate for “Working to live… not living to work.”


    “As your mentor, I will offer insights on developing and expanding your creative talents, and also strategies for managing fears and anxieties as you move through your career path.”

    Alana Ruoso RGD

    Alana is a Brand Builder & Creative Strategist with over 20 years of experience in the design industry. She has done both the freelance and full-time thing and, having chose a diverse, non-linear career path, brings a wealth of valuable industry knowledge to the table. She is currently at the City of Mississauga in Creative Services working on a wide range of inspiring, community-driven projects. Alana is also a certified Life & Executive Coach, and is committed to helping creatives step into their untapped potential so they can feel confident in their careers.


    "As your mentor, I will share my knowledge and passion for retail design and engagement and advise on career changes in the creative industry (private to corporate and corporate to private) and living a fulfilling creative life"

    Robert Smith RGD

    Robert is the owner and Creative Director of Ottawa-based Greenmelon Inc. He has worked with clients including DC Comics, Warner Brothers, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Post Corporation, Canadian Museum of History and the Royal Canadian Mint.


    "I will inspire my Mentees through my passion for transforming brand strategy into single-focused, compelling creative ideas. I am committed to helping others learn the art and science of design so they can reach well beyond their potential in everything they do."

    Dzung Tran RGD

    Dzung is a creative catalyst responsible for developing strategic design solutions for clients. His work in brand identity, guidelines, annual report and interactive design has been recognized by The Advertising & Design Club of Toronto, Black Book Best 100 Annual Reports, Applied Arts magazine, and the Association of Registered Graphic Designers. His approach is inspired by the world around him. Deeply attuned to all aspects of popular culture, Dzung believes that brand must be expressed through all touch points, from print and digital to new media. For 11 years, Dzung has brought sophisticated yet modern design approach to all his work for Interbrand.

    Dzung’s client experience includes: RBC, FRHI Hotels & Resorts (Fairmont Hotel), Scotiabank International, HBC, KPMG, Termite Corporation, Rogers Communications, Disney, Seattle Children’s, Armstrong, UPS, SNC Lavalin, Visa Canada, and Mad Dogg Athletics.


    "As your mentor I will share my passion for corporate design and branding while keeping the business side of projects and planning in mind. I can also provide guidance with some of the skills necessary to succeed once out of school and into the real business of design."

    Eileen Ugarkovic RGD

    Eileen has over ten years of professional experience in design and is an Art Director at NATIONAL Public Relations. She works on many projects from inception through to final production. She has extensive experience in corporate branding, layout and typography in both print and digital media for clients such as Amazon, Sephora and Ford. Eileen was awarded the international grand prize by Veuve Clicquot and Wallpaper* magazine for her inspired product packaging design of their trademark champagne mailbox.

  • "As your Mentor, I will offer insights on conceptual development in advertising, design, presenting and building client relationships."
    Natalie Armata RGD, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Giants & Gentlemen

    Natalie has achieved business and creative success throughout her career. Her clients have included Wyndham Hotels, Fisherman's Friend, TELUS, Canadian Tire, Sony and Ontario Tourism. She’s won national and international awards and has judged them too. School hasn’t stopped either, with continuing studies at the University of Toronto, VCU Brandcenter and the Schulich School of Business.


    “As your mentor, I will offer an intense focus on balance, taste, and typographic details that comes from working with persnickety, concept-based studios on both sides of the Atlantic.”
    Mark Neil Balson RGD, Associate Creative Director at Underline Studio

    Mark helps create carefully considered brand, marketing and editorial work. Previously Mark was Art Director at the internationally-renowned design firm Atlas in Spain. There, his work focused on the redesign of Elephant magazine and the Phaidon Classics series of artist monographs, both of which received D&AD pencils.


    As your mentor, I will share my experience of being a flexible designer and creative leader, advice on finding the creative career that is best suited for your talents (agency or in house) and how to find passion in every creative challenge that you are presented with."
    Amanda Boltë RGD, Creative Director at Cineplex Digital Media
    Combining her extensive Star Trek knowledge with a passion for design and a natural strength in typography, Amanda approaches her projects with an infectious enthusiasm. From craft beer to kid’s toys to insurance, she has tailored creative solutions for all industries and has led creative teams for clients such as Harley Davidson, Labatt, FCA Canada (Chrysler) and Jolly Jumper, producing packaging, branding, print, photography and new media.

    "As your mentor, I’ll act as your design-therapist. I will help you with your decisions, career path and creative fears."
    Mark Buchner RGD, Partner & Creative Director at TBD Studio

    Mark is a Toronto-based brand specialist. He has been a part of the Mark has been a part of the Toronto design community for over 15 years, with extensive experience in building brands both large and small. Much of his career was divided between two agencies – – Compass360 and Grip, where he helped develop award-winning brands, products and campaigns for clients including Honda, Labatt, Bell and PaperChef.

    “As your mentor, I will share my experience and passion for the arts and design. I will work with you to push and realize your creativity while experimenting with different aspects of design and media. I will also help you learn how to choose appropriate typefaces and create effective design with type.”

    Stefan Canuel RGD, Senior Creative Designer at the National Gallery of Canada

    Stefan is an Ottawa-based designer with more than 20 years experience in the design and creative industry, including exhibition design and print. He blends innovation with practicality and an unswerving focus on results. He works every day to forge profound links between organizations and their audiences through clear, creative, effective and well-managed designs and strategies.

    As your mentor, I will share my experience and perspective on both the creative and business facets of design and provide specific guidance helping you push and develop your creative. I look forward to chats about all things which inspire us."

    Yen Chu RGD, Creative Director of Design at J. Walter Thompson Canada

    With 20 years of practice in design and direction at some of Canada’s premier branding and design firms including Oxygen, SFP, Parcel, and Clear Space, Yen is best known for producing evocative and impactful work for clients as well as collaborating with younger designers to do the same.


    "As your mentor, I will share insights on how to thrive as a multi-disciplinary graphic designer in small to medium-sized markets, as well as how to take steps towards entering larger markets and the digital space."

    Greg Dubeau RGD, Creative Lead at Cossette Halifax

    Greg is a graphic designer, art director and advertiser. He hails from a small blue-collar town in Northwestern Ontario, but has practised design in Canada from coast to coast. His work is defined by two essential criteria: (1) strong, emotional, sensory connection to his audience; (2) the ability for clients to measure quantitative and qualitative outcomes against creative and business goals.

    "As your mentor, I will provide a unique take on working in both agency and in-house positions. I will offer advice on building your portfolio, enhancing your work and navigating the pitfalls of working in the design world."

    Steve Garwood RGD, Creative Director and a Founding Partner at Faren Agency

    With award-winning experience in all types of design, Steve oversees all design projects at Faren. The agency’s focus is divided between design for the tourism sector, and food/home appliance packaging. Previously, Steve worked  at Pylon Design before moving in-house at the law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain then Colliers Canada.


    "As your mentor, I will offer advice on how to grow from a junior designer to senior  designer/ art director. I will offer insights on concept development and working with photographers, illustrators and other designers."

    Gigi Lau RGD, Art Director at Harlequin

    Working at the world's leading publisher for women's fiction over the past 11 years, Gigi has created compelling book covers for bestselling, emerging and debut authors. The books she’s designed have hit the New York Times bestseller list and have been recognized with national and international awards.


    "As your mentor, I will share my passion for information design, data visualization and visual storytelling, as well as my experience effectively integrating skills obtained from a first career into a second."

    Christopher Moorehead RGD, Director of Information Design at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

    Chris is a licensed professional engineer and graphic designer specializing in the visualization of complex information streams. His team uses information design, data visualization and structured typography best practices to interpret data, develop focused solutions and communicate key messages on behalf of corporate, institutional and government clients.

    “As a designer, your goal should always be to design an elegant solution to solve a problem. As your mentor, I will help you to recognize your best work and confidently explain how it provides value.”

    Lynn Ridley RGD, Vice President Creative at Jan Kelley
    Lynn has worked in senior creative positions at large multi-national advertising agencies and small independent creative shops. She has a mix of experience in packaged goods, business-to-business, retail and social marketing. Up until recently, she led the creative output of the agency and the effectiveness and productivity of multiple creative teams. She now leads the innovation team within the idea incubator located in the Communitech Hub in Kitchener Waterloo.
  • "As your Mentor, I would share insights in UI and UX design, and offer guidance on making a move to the US for work." 

    Frank Chartrand RGD

    Frank is a UX Designer based in Los Angeles (originally from Sudbury). He’s currently at Headspace, the world’s most popular meditation app. Prior to this, he was at Edenspiekermann, where he helped define the Red Bull TV experience. His awards include Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2013). He has a Masters' Degree from Savannah College of Art & Design.


    "As your Mentor, I would offer insights both from a national and international perspective, while sharing expansive conversations and love for what we do."

    Vanessa Eckstein RGD

    Having lived and worked in Buenos Aires, LA, NYC, Mexico City and Toronto, Vanessa brings a unique international perspective to her work. In 1998, she founded Blok Design, which partners with leading thinkers in the fields of architecture, film, industrial design and contemporary art to produce work for top global brands including Pepsi, Nike, the Miami Art Museum and Unicef among many others.


    “As your Mentor, I would share my knowledge of the digital industry, advice on navigating a creative career path and establishing best practices to follow within the work environment." 

    Alison Garnett RGD

    Alison has a hybrid design-focused background that includes experience across live events, traditional advertising and digital marketing campaigns…even a stint as a mixologist. At SapientNitro Toronto, Alison guides creative teams from concept to execution of finely crafted technology and UX campaigns with strategy at its core for clients such as Porter Airlines, Cadillac Fairview and Holt Renfrew.


    "As your Mentor, I would offer assistance in improving your creative process (research, mind-maps, concept development, etc.); refining, presenting and defending a visual identity; and enhancing the business side of your practice (promotion, proposals, presenting)." 

    Bob Hambly RGD

    Bob is Creative Director of Hambly & Woolley, a multi-disciplinary design firm he co-founded. Over the past 22 years, the firm has received over 350 national and international design awards. His creative mind is always at work at H&W, where clients benefit from his fresh perspective, eye for detail and knack for personal service.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my knowledge (and love) of magazines. I would offer assistance building and refining an editorially-focused portfolio and advice on navigating the publishing industry."

    Nicola Hamilton RGD

    Nicola is Deputy Art Director (and resident magazine nerd) at Chatelaine, Canada's iconic women's media brand. Previously, she was Associate Art Director of the internationally-recognized city weekly The Grid. Her work has been recognized by the D&AD, the Society of Publication Designers (SPD), the Society of News Design (SND) and the Canadian Magazine Awards.


    "As your Mentor, I would offer insights on the industry in Toronto and internationally as well as guidance on how to identify their own personal goals and then find the right kind of opportunity to fulfil them."

    Paddy Harrington RGD

    Paddy is founder of Frontier, a creative exploration company consisting of a magazine, studio and ventures group. An award-winning writer and filmmaker with degrees in literature and architecture, Paddy has spoken at Brown, Harvard and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His clients have included The New York Jets, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and the Holy City of Mecca. Formerly, Paddy was SVP, Design Innovation & Digital Creative Director at Indigo Books and Executive Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design.


    "As your mentor, I would work with you to make your ideas bigger, more visually ownable and able to span different media and the globe."

    Barry Quinn RGD

    Barry Quinn is Chief Creative Officer at Juniper Park\TBWA. He started his career as a designer at boutique design firms, but mid-career recognized there were many where opportunities designers were being left out. That’s when he started creating design practices within ad agencies. The goal was to embed brands with a core idea and give them the visual vocabulary needed to spread and own that idea. He co-founded the firm Juniper Park\TBWA.


    "I would love to share how I got from A to B, the art of putting yourself out there, being seen, navigating the creative process (and clients) and overall how to work with who you are to make those next steps in reaching your goal"

    Cai Sepulis RGD

    Cai is a self-employed lone gun in the world of advertising and design. With a background in philosophy and architecture, Cai is a firecracker of ideas and creativity, specializing in branding, packaging and illustration.  Her youthful whimsical style has caught the attention of numerous big brands and she’s worked along side the agencies/teams behind Second Cup, Nordstrom, HotDocs and numerous breweries to create unique packaging, campaigns and graphics. 


    "If you’re hungry to push your work, think bigger, win awards, break into advertising and/or laugh till your face hurts, then I’m the mentor you’ve been dreaming of!"

    Hans Thiessen RGD

    Hans is Associate Creative Director of Design at Rethink. He throws curveball ideas, sweats the details with OCD impulses and eats a bowl of laughs for breakfast. His work has been recognized with a D&AD Black Pencil and a variety of other metallic pats on the back from Cannes Lions, One Show, ADC, Type Directors Club, Clios, LIA, Graphis, Coupe, ADCC and Communication Arts. His clients include Uber, EA and Nike.


    "As your Mentor, I would share my experience moving from arts administrator to graphic designer to business owner, offer guidance for practicing professionalism and aid in building a strong print-based portfolio."

    Lauren Wickware RGD

    A graduate of OCAD and Parsons The New School for Design, Lauren’s experiences in the visual arts and publishing fields inform her perspective, enabling her to engineer meaningful design concepts that powerfully develop awareness, spark interest and have longevity. Working with clients ranging from individual artists to international corporations, Lauren’s publication designs have been recognized by ADCC, AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers, Alcuin Society, Coupe and the Ontario Association of Art Galleries.