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    Presented by James McNab and Liz Kucharska
    Making the transition from print focused work to user interface design can be quite confusing without the knowledge of knowing where to start. What kinds of skills are necessary to succeed? Do I need...
  • Presented by Daniel Soltis
    Branding is often viewed through a lens of graphic design. However brand identity – a tool that many different practitioners use when designing a range of experiences – is intertwined with user experience. 
  • Presented by James Wilson RGD and Rich Pauptit
    Pushing print. For better or worse, the thing about design is that we will undoubtedly find ourselves in uncharted waters no matter how long we’ve been in business. Experience is critical however the...
  • Presented by Cal Harrison
    The price-based Request for Proposal (RFP) process costs Canada almost five billion dollars each year in wasted time and productivity while also delivering poor results. It’s time for Canada to adopt the Qualifications B...
  • Presented by Andrew Merriam
    Domain names are the most fundamental aspect of your branding: they are the foundation of both your web URL and email address. As the Internet has exploded in size, fewer brandable options have been available and too m...
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