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RGD hosts 3-4 professional development webinars per month covering a range of topics. Webinars are free for all RGD Members. Recorded webinars are available in the Members Only section.


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  • Join us for a discussion centred on designers working with Indigenous and minority communities. This discussion will focus on how they work on their cultural competency to produce work that is relevant, authentic, and culturally aware.
  • 07/02/2020

    Presented by Kathleen Gebotys, Leah Gryfe RGD and Wendy Millard RGD


    Three Professionals share their expertise and tips to broaden your skill set and enhance your design efficiency and effectiveness. 


  • Presented by Kaye Puhlmann RGD and Katie Quinlan
    Two designers share their stories and the lessons they've learned through the stages of their varied careers.