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RGD hosts 3-4 professional development webinars per month covering a range of topics. Webinars are free for all RGD Members. Recorded webinars are available in the Members Only section.


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  • Show me the Money Image

    In this instalment of Show Me The Money, Blair Enns, author of oft-referred-to books Win Without Pitching and Pricing Creativity, will share practical advice for going beyond the billable hour. Blair will chat with host Julian as they discuss how Bl...

  • Panelists include Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Gilbert Li RGD and Cai Sepulis RGD. Moderated by Julian Brown RGD.
  • ​Relevant ​to ​any ​creative ​or ​marketing professional ​who ​sets, ​negotiates ​or ​delivers ​price, Blair Enns ​addresses ​the key ​principles, ​rules ​and ​tips ​from his book Pricing Creativity. ​This ​webinar will ​leave ​the ​audience ​not...
  • Presented by Emily Cohen


    Emily provides insight and expertise on creating smart pricing strategies that help you and your team get paid what you’re worth. 


  • Presented by Boris Petrov


    Stop the clock, and escape the trap of hourly billings in 2017. Get introduced to the concept of ‘value-based billing’ as a way to grow your business and escape the limitations of billing for your time. Then hear 7...

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