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RGD hosts 3-4 professional development webinars per month covering a range of topics. Webinars are free for all RGD Members. Recorded webinars are available in the Members Only section.


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  • Presented by Udo Schliemann RGD

    Colour is deeply ingrained into our lives and affects our experience of the world greatly. It can improve an individual’s experience of their environment, and has the powerful ability to connect people to a brand or...

  • Presenters are Greg Dubeau RGD, Michael Young RGD and Celina Fischer RGD

    Three Certified RGD Members each share their expertise and tips to broaden your skill set and enhance your design efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Presented by Timothy Samara
    The author of Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, provides insight and expertise on the subject of Type to prepare you for the RGD Certification Process.
  • 05/10/2017

    Presented by Bob Hambly RGD


    COLOUR STUDIES is a blog that explores Bob’s fascinations, observations and insights around the subject of colour.


  • Presented by Emily Miller Palmquist


    Among the most primal and effective of tools in visual communication is colour. 


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