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  • Presented by Talin Wadsworth, Lead Product Designer for Adobe XD

    A prototype is worth 1000 meetings. Learn how to rapidly design, prototype and share interactive experiences for screen and voice with Adobe XD.


  • Presented by Asha Fereydouni & Kuldeep Kelkar
    Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. HiPPO! HiPPOs often make many design decisions within organizations, despite the best efforts by designers and other UX professionals. This often results in failed re-...

  • Presented by Dan Miller 
    How might we design products for populations in which stigma is part of their experience? Understanding how to address these types of problems will enable us to design solutions for some of the largest challenges humans f...
  • Presented by Jeremy Bailey
    Jeremy Bailey, Creative Director of FreshBooks, believes that empathy should be built into every product. His thought is that there is no "wrong" customer, just bad design. 
  • Presented by Mike Freeman RGD
    Introducing user experience (UX) to an organization is fun but challenging. There are bumps in the road to maturity and no guarantee that you will get organizational buy-in. In this webinar Mike takes you though the...
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