The Value of Going out on a Limb
Presented by James Wilson RGD and Rich Pauptit
Pushing print. For better or worse, the thing about design is that we will undoubtedly find ourselves in uncharted waters no matter how long we’ve been in business. Experience is critical however the nature of design is that most of us are on a perpetual learning curve.


This webinar is a case study of the visual identity for Heather and Little and in particular the trials, tribulations and eventual triumph of producing their unique and expensive business cards.


About James Wilson RGD

Founder, principal, designer, illustrator: Overdrive Design Limited

Overdrive is a full service branding, interactive and communications agency established in 1986. For over 20 years the bulk of the company’s work has revolved around interactive projects - most likely rooted in James’ early interest in technology via the evil lure of Illustrator and Photoshop, version 1. Rumour also has it that there existed a mythical time before digital and likewise where Overdrive’s extensive experience with print and paper began.


Rich Pauptit

President, Flash Reproductions

Rich Pauptit is a second generation printer. Growing up in the halls ofone of Toronto’s premiere print shops, he learned the craft from his father Carl Pauptit.  Collaborating with some of the country’s top graphic designers, Rich and his Flash team manage to push the boundaries of the print medium creating inspiring and award winning results. All day, everyday.


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