Designing for better health: using design and illustration to reach patients
Presented by Kristin Foster
Designing in the healthcare environment comes with unique challenges and opportunities. It requires careful consideration of the patient’s perspective – who are they and what challenges do they face? It also requires balancing the needs of the healthcare provider what important information does the patient need to know and how do we deliver it?

This webinar discusses how we use design and visual communication to reach our patients and visitors. Topics will include:

  • the value of graphic design in healthcare
  • strategies to produce quality informational materials that patients can easily use and understand
  • how we use design and illustration to improve communication, safety, and inclusivity
  • how we collaborate with front-line staff and patients
  • the importance of evaluating and continually improving our work
  • how we promote design within our organization


Date: Thursday, October 6 at 12:00pm ET


About Kristin Foster

Kristin is a graphic designer and illustrator with the Patient & Family Education Program at the University Health Network, a network of four hospitals in Toronto. She collaborates with education specialists and clinical staff such as nurses, surgeons and therapists to create patient information materials. Her work integrates design, illustration, accessibility and principles of health literacy to produce print and digital content that is easy for patients and their families to understand. Her illustrations have also been published in educational resources at healthcare organizations across Ontario, the US and internationally.


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