Info Design 101
Presented by Iffat Jokhio RGD
Information is everywhere and presenting it properly can make the difference between confusion and communication.
This webinar touches on some practical tips for better information design. Join in to brush up on your skills or perhaps learn something new. Learnings from this webinar can be applied to presentation design, data visualization, colour theory, typography and more.


About Iffat Jokhio RGD
Always on the look out to experience new things and learn new skills, Iffat loves to put her brain to work and solve problems for people. As a UX designer, project manager, and design researcher at Pivot Design Group she has worked with clients both small and large including Sick Kids, TD, Thomson Reuters and the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation. No matter the client, Iffat enjoys sharing the experience of a design process with all those she works with.

In the field of user experience design, Iffat is most fascinated by the ever-evolving world of healthcare design and believes that the field can grow by leaps and bounds with the help of good design thinking.

Currently on maternity leave enjoying some time with her new son, Iffat is also a budding foodie, amateur photographer, travel fanatic, crafter, baker and aspiring writer.


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