Challenges of Design Firm Owners
Panelists include Ben Hagon RGD, Ric Riordon and Jennifer Taback RGD. Moderated by Vanessa Eckstein RGD
Own or looking to own your own design firm? Hear from a panel of experienced design firm owners as they describe issues firm owners face as well as suggested solutions.

Panel Questions:

  • What has been your biggest challenge as a business owner, so far?
  • What advice do you have for prospective or new firm owners that you wish someone told you when you began?
  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in terms of billing/pricing your services?
  • Have you noticed any significant changes in how clients typically feel about intellectual property or promotion of their work? How have you adapted to this?
  • Can you describe a strategy that you use to identify, motivate or retain great design talent to your firm?
  • What is the most important lesson you’ve learned during your time as a business owner?
  • What is your approach in finding the right clients for your studio?
  • What do you find the biggest challenge is in todays business climate?


Date: Thursday, June 9 at 12:00pm ET



Ben Hagon RGD is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Intent. Ben is an award-winning design specialist with over 14 years’ experience as a graphic designer, creative director and entrepreneur. Ben is renowned for his passionate commitment to his clients, his ability to listen to them, understand their challenges and turn those insights into award-winning design work that always meets client objectives.



Ric Riordon is Principal Owner at Riordon Design. Ric began his career in 1979 as an art director, designer and illustrator, working for an number of advertising and marketing agencies. He is a member of the ADCC and RGD. Ric has spoken, taught and been a judge in many industry awards programs.



Jennifer Taback RGD is founding Partner at Design de Plume, a firm in Sudbury. She is heavily involved in the Sudbury Design Society as a past VP and current Treasurer. She graduated from Cambrian College’s Graphic Design program and has a degree in Communication from Laurentian U.

Vanessa Eckstein RGD is Founder of Blok Design. Having lived and worked in Buenos Aires, LA, NYC, Mexico City and Toronto, Vanessa brings an international perspective to her work. In 1998, she founded Blok Design, which has partnered with leading thinkers in the fields of architecture, film, industrial design and contemporary art to produce work for a range of clients.

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