Going Out On Your Own

Presenters include Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Anthony Furia RGD and Glenda Rissman RGD


Three firm owners share their experiences starting their own businesses and offer their best advice for your success.




Evelyn Csiszar RGD

Lead Designer and Owner of Evi Designs

Evelyn is the lead designer and owner of Evi Designs. Based in downtown Toronto, she has over 7 years of professional experience and a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Design from York University. Evi Designs is a collaborative design studio specializing in UX/UI design for the healthcare, education and science sectors, consisting of flexible teams of freelancers and resources to meet client needs.

Anthony Furia RGD
Principal Designer and Founder of Furia
Anthony is the principal designer and founder of Toronto-based design firm Furia. Originally from Australia, Anthony’s career has spanned 15 years and three continents with time spent in the creative industries of Sydney and London before moving permanently to Canada and "going out on his own".
Glenda Rissman RGD
Founding Principal of q30 design inc.
Glenda is one of the founding Principals of q30 design inc. She is an honours graduate of the Graphic Design program at Dawson College in Montreal. Glenda is also an RGD and has been a design consultant for over 30 years and a design business owner for 26 years.


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